The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

August 22, 2012

Election 2012: Athens Mayor candidate — Brad Horner

The News Courier

— Revive, restore and renew

Sometimes in life we remember the way things were.  Remembering these things allow us to see how far we have travelled and reminds us of the process that made our city a central place of commerce for Limestone County.  

As we look forward to our children, grandchildren and future family, we must give them the same opportunities to be successful as we have had for generations.

As we revive our economy, the lowest of 49 years,  we are evaluating the process of government. As a Republican with fiscal conservative values, I believe we need to get back to necessary spending. That also includes trimming the budget as we have had a static flow of revenue to the city government.

I believe that increasing the number of working people will allow the government to meet the obligations we have to each other. I believe the mayor’s office is the caretaker of your money that you have earned and paid to the city.  These funds must be managed with prudence and restraint.

As we restore the businesses that have left, we will fill the emptiness in our economy. We have a great opportunity to grow our economy with start-up companies. I believe that  100 new businesses with an average of over 5 employees would be a great building block for long term growth for our community. I believe with a pro-growth platform of government that we can add 1,000 new jobs in the next four years.

As we renew our living space and grow, we must adjust our business model of government  to accommodate the citizens who choose to work, live and spend their monies in Athens. By allowing access to business infrastructure quickly, we will be encouraging business to expand and hire from our community. When a business is considering to come to Athens, Alabama, I believe that we can streamline their process to build their physical buildings and their clientele.

And finally, I will bring prayer back to the mayor’s office. I will encourage the ministry of our community to come to the mayor’s office to pray. We will have prayer from 7 a.m. to 7:15 a.m. every day the mayor’s office is open. This opportunity is for the ministry to stay connected to our government.  

I am reminded that when our city was first founded, that the church building was the school,  town hall and place of worship. I believe this is an essential part of our foundation.