The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

October 21, 2012

Election 2012: Q&A with license commissioner incumbent Greg Tucker

The News Courier

— • Name: Greg Tucker

• Age: 54

• Occupation: Limestone County License Commissioner

• Education: Graduated Athens High School, Associate in Science Business Administration, Calhoun Community College, Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Business Administration with major in accounting, University of Alabama, certified instructor, Center of Governmental Services, Auburn University

• Previous political experience: Elected license commissioner in 1988, 1994, 2000 and 2006

• Community involvement: Past president and board member, Association of Alabama Tax Administrators, associate member, Alabama Probate Judges Association, past officer and volunteer coach, East Limestone Athletic Association

• Personal: Married to my best friend, Kim Coffield Tucker, 29 years; blessed with three kids, Josh, 27, Daniel, 21 and Marissa, 15


The News Courier: Do you feel your political party affiliation has any bearing on the duties of a license commissioner? Why or why not?

Greg Tucker: No. People often ask why anyone should have to declare a party affiliation to serve as an administrator of a tax office. Leadership in this office is not about power, prestige or political agendas. It is about the pursuit of service to the people and recognizing your neighbor as better than yourself.

All visitors to our office should expect to receive the same level of respect, kindness and fairness from their license commissioner without regard to their appearance, their politics, or their social standing.  

NC: An issue brought up by one of the candidates has been to add a satellite license office that will serve the growing East Limestone area. Do you feel this is a wise use of county funds, and how do you propose to pay for this office?

Tucker: We are most grateful to the vision of our county commissioners 10 years ago when they set in motion the creation of the Clinton Street Courthouse Annex that became our new home in 2004. The stated purpose for the new facility was to provide offices for county growth reaching 20-30 years. 

To have the opportunity to design and layout one or even four satellite offices within each commissioner’s district would be exciting. With our new facility and our aggressive use of technology, our county commissioners have no plans for a “brick and mortar” satellite office.

Nevertheless we will be ready and welcome the prospect to design another floor plan. We know that Huntsville has plans to expand residential homes and add an elementary school in the near future, and there is continual growth throughout our county. By then we will know our pockets of population growth, best location options, available technology, and if the County Commission has a desire to expand facilities.

Funding options may include federal or state grants, discretionary monies from local legislators or local funding from the public building funds. Madison County and Lauderdale County increased license and tag fees to support new facilities and equipment. Regardless of the source it is all taxpayer funds and good stewardship should come first. 

NC: What do you feel are the primary duties of the license commissioner and why do you feel you are qualified to carry out those duties? Please be specific.

Tucker: Alabama law states the license commissioner is the county licensing official responsible primarily for registration of motor vehicles and boats and for licensing certain businesses and occupations, along with hunting and fishing and driver license renewal. In Alabama counties, the level of service provided to county residents for their registration and licensing needs is directly related to the commitment of service, ability and experienced leadership of the county licensing official.

As a manager, he oversees internal cash controls and inventory controls similar to a business achieving multimillions in collections. As a communicator, he shares his vision with his staff and equips them with technology, training and encouragement to develop efficient customer service. As a servant leader, he models an honest life and sets the example of fairness in applying policies and regulations.

NC: Explain why voters should choose you as license commissioner over your opponent.

Tucker: As your license commissioner, I am recognized as a statewide leader in understanding and applying registration and title procedures. Our facilities, our innovations and our business practices have been a positive model for licensing staff members throughout the state. I am a teacher, yet I remain teachable and ready to listen and learn for ways to improve our service and our innovation for you.

Today the focus is on streamlining government while we remain under the cloud of an economic slowdown. A leaner government can only maintain services with more dependence on enhanced technology and less dependence on adding staff and overhead. Over the years I have been committed to do more with less and I have purposed to be a good steward of the tax dollars that we collect.

I pledge to represent you with honesty and integrity and apply my experience and understanding with our systems and processes to make available an office that is continually improving, innovative and responsive for you.