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December 23, 2012

Letters to the Editor 12/23/12

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Nonprofits good for community

Dear Editor:

I understand the overwhelming concerns of many that drive them to want to cut all non-essential programs to the bare minimum.

In examining my preferences and desires for community, I see long-term trouble in becoming complacent cutting everything and living in a potentially dingy, diminished bare-bones sort of community. I for one appreciate the vision that good politicians utilize in seeing what stays and what goes. We must not cut the programs that prove they are successful and well worth the small portion they actually cost on the front end.

I’ve lived in big cities filled with excitement and much to my chagrin, some pretty impressive crime. I have also lived in cities in this country and abroad that were safe and filled with culture; offering art exhibits, historic tours, plays, music, festivals, continuing education, outdoor adventures and fantastic little business and shopping districts that reflect the symbolic values and interests of the community.

In recent years, I have worked as a volunteer with numerous nonprofits in Athens, and I know that while there is room for improvement, many are going above and beyond in assisting elected officials concerned about keeping the charm and growing the city in a positive way.

Spirit of Athens is one such organization. As a whole it works well to promote the downtown district as the heart of Athens and Limestone County. The organizational program followed in this non-profit has been proven nationally. It is comprehensive, and certainly has allowed a spotlight to be shone on this very important and indispensable area we call The Square.  

There are historic preservation projects, grant research projects, clean up projects, the new farmers market project, annual banquets, public relations programs, educational programs, advertising campaigns for numerous downtown events, and an active marketing of the area to prospective citizens and business owners.

This past year, Spirit of Athens developed and hosted The Athens’ Grease Festival, which attracted 4,500 people downtown and provided proceeds that lit up the rooftops along portions of The Square. Why all the hubbub?

Well, I believe that most people want to see Athens grow in a positive lit-up sort of way, and that cannot happen without the focus and intention that good nonprofit organizations like Spirit of Athens offer.


Diane Lehr,

Board of Directors

Spirit of Athens

Downtown Revitalization

2nd Amendment,

necessary and proper?

Dear Editor:

I am a gun owner. My family are gun owners, most of my friends are gun owners and we are all trained to standards.

I do not hunt and do not compete in target shooting events, I am not a gun collector, I own guns for one purpose, to defend myself, my family, my friends and neighbors if required from any threat that might occur, but most importantly I have guns for the reason our founders expressed over and over again, I keep and bear arms in defense of the of tyranny from a government that may rage out of control, that my fellow Americans is the Original Intent based on the Original Sources found in the Construction of the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution, an Amendment found necessary and proper to compact the Constitution and form the United States. Without this single safeguard this country would not have existed and will certainly not exist without. Yes indeed, my choice of weapons are very modern, very deadly semi-automatic fire military style platforms with very high capacity magazine and effective and accurate ammunition of the best quality and type for the most lethal effect.

Despite the horror of any event, I have absolutely no guilt for any criminal activity committed by anyone in use of the type and style weapon or ammunition I use. Our guns are a deterrent to those who would abuse the power of their office, a deterrent with the absolute reality of application if the threat occurs. But that deterrent holds down the potential to a manageable level and any legislation that reduces that defense creates potential for tyranny.

Friends, neighbors and fellow Americans, we are currently in a national crisis where we as a people are once again divided firmly and dangerously on many issues, any single issue has the potential to move rapidly into civil unrest or even civil war. May I suggest the 2nd Amendment is not negotiable as it clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” ...”Infringed,” an absolute legal word requiring absolute protection.


Rex Davis