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January 26, 2014

Letters to the Editor 1/26/14

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Social Security benefits are earned

Dear Editor:

I would like to inform Froma Harrop (and others) we do not “suck up government benefits,” we paid all of our working life for S/S retirement benefits and we pay more for our Medicare insurance than others.

Her Social Security and Medicare information must have come from some political party.

I will give her a little history about S/S. It was initiated in 1935 by the U.S. government to help the elderly have a retirement income by paying a portion of their income into the S/S “Trust Fund” until retirement age.

However, in 1965 when the government saw how much money was in S/S, they devised a way to siphon our money into the General Fund, and of this date they have taken over $3 trillion plus interest and left IOUs.

Any honest person would pay it back, however it’s hard to find many honest persons in the government these days.

I think I can remember someone saying when the Iraq war started, “We need $400 billion for the war, so we’ll get it from S/S, all they have in it now are IOUs.”

We are entitled to these things because we paid for them and still do.

Continued next month.


Capt. F. E. “Jack” Morgan