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June 1, 2014

Letters to the Editor for 6/1/14

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Lies and deceit on campaign trail

Dear Editor:

Little did I know how low and cowardly the pro Common Core Standard (CCS)

folks would actually go until the last several weeks as they have proceeded

to lie and bring false accusations against the more conservative anti CCS


These candidates did receive money from the Stop Common Core PAC (SCCP), however

as I researched I found that the lies about this PAC and candidates are slanderous. The Pro CCS folks have accused SCCP of receiving money from the AEA and other liberals and Democrats. Not only is this not true, but from my research SCCP is a conservative Republican group.

The pro CCS folks have also said that candidates should not take money from PACs. You may be surprised to find out that their more liberal candidates including some republicans have taken money from so many liberal PACS and Democratic donors it is almost unbelievable.

If we look at just one of these as an example, we will see the truth. Incumbent Bill Holtzclaw received donations from AL Power PAC, Bush Beer, Trial PAC, BCA Progress PAC, Eli Lilly PAC, and so many more I am in awe. Some of the individual donors are very interesting as well, including hard core Democrats.

It kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?


Jack Hall


Don't vote wrong in November

Dear Editor:

I would like to confess that I do not belong to any political party. I belong 100 percent to the eternal party of God.

I am appalled at the many persons that claim to be Christians (especially the politicians in Washington), but, don' t seem to know, care or understand what God says about the things he hates. We are constantly being super brainwashed by TV, newspapers, politicians and other media. They are trying to make good people believe that by completely destroying the elderly, poor and multitudes of the middle class.

What good will it do for the billionaires, millionaires, corporations (and others) to destroy a class of persons for a few dollars more, since they can't spend the money they have now? If things continue going as they are now, we will soon become a third world country, maybe worse. Do you remember what Karl Marx predicted?

Well, back to politics and their problems. For six years the right side of the aisle has been hammering away and distorting the truth also continuing to bring up the same thing to be investigated. Doesn't it seem strange they never want to investigate what the last administration did that cost this country dearly?

If you vote wrong in November, please don't complain about it.

That's about all that I'm allowed to write until next month.


Retired Capt. F.E. “Jack” Morgan