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December 9, 2012

Letters to the Editor 12/9/12

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Leaders should

learn to compromise

Dear Editor:

This past election year was quite contentious to say the least. Alabama voted in the national election for the most conservative, yet unsure Republican nominee known for years.

The nation’s voters showed that it was tired of the obstructionism coming from House of Congress. They also showed they approve of a tax increase on the people who make more than $250,000.

The people of the U.S. want you, the elected representatives, to do your job and help this nation. You representatives of Alabama are not doing the things that help; you are only standing in the way, so that hopefully you will get a super majority so you can have your way. You know this is a pipe dream, and you have really forgotten whom you are representing.

A small tax increase on the people that can afford it, not the middle class, is a small sacrifice for the good of the nation. Along with the proposed money saving, deficit-cutting measures that both parties have said they can support, we should see the deficit drop dramatically.

In a few years we will be able to drop the tax rates when we get out of the mud and back on the road to prosperity.

Please do not take advantage of the American people. Come down off your high horses and talk to people outside you comfort zone. If you do this, you will see the real Americans are the one that are busy working and don’t have time to come to your “town meetings.” I have been there and these are just a “pat on the back” from the people who are in the “cocoon” with you.

All of the Alabama delegation wants to protect the nation through defense and NASA contracts, which in fact is a self-protection action. As long as they can bring in the federal dollars for their projects, they will almost assure their re-election. Such irony, the Alabama delegation deplores federal spending, which adds to the growing deficit, but they do not turn down dollars for this area whether it adds to the deficit or not.

For example, the millions for dollars for the new buildings on Redstone Arsenal — were these really needed? I know that you will state that the military realignment will bring many more workers to the Arsenal, but multi-millions for buildings that will house people that we may never see?

Do your job for America, and compromise.


Kelly Range


It’s time for


Dear Editor:

It’s time for contemplation regarding the past year. It’s a time of reviewing our giving, not necessarily financial, but of one’s own talents and assisting others. 

Citizens must be broken from the habit of wanting to benefit from the bounty of others’ hard work, sweat and tears. People must work to become independent, self-supporting, individuals as part of this working society.

We must get our national leaders to understand that half the hardworking citizens cannot continue to provide funding for the other half that is not contributing to society, but rather taking from society. Our government tells us to get medical insurance and what we need to pay or else, raises taxes to provide funds to support those who have quit school and haven’t achieved any further education, mothers of numerous illegitimate children, illegal aliens, redundant and unnecessary publicly funded programs. We need people to work and produce results for society, not calls for financial assistance. Why should certain people, but not others, qualify for government funding for college? If you, or your family, are providing some of the funds, you should also be able to participate.

The United States cannot afford to be the world’s charity, without receiving something in return.  How about our free funding recipients playing their part in society by providing hours of community service in return for free housing, utilities, food debit cards, free school breakfasts and lunches and weekend meals, Pell grants, and so on? Instead of always taking, they could begin giving of their time and help our city accomplish necessary activities to make it a better place to live.

We must not forget our local City Council members when they allocate the taxpayers funds, as they will do tomorrow night. Funding allocations should not only be level with last year, but reduced by the same percent that all city departments are having their budgets reduced. 

United Way has a very stringent and thorough investigation of the accounting of their recipients.  Why was the money spent?  Was it justified and what was received for the expenditure?  How did the expenditure benefit the giver or taxpayer?  Can our council members honestly say they individually have been as thorough?

Giving away taxpayer funds for little or no return is not beneficial, rather it is a sign of complacency leading down the problem-strewn road to financial chaos. It is our citizen’s responsibility to stop it.


Quentin D. Anderson Sr.


Politicians need wake-up call

Dear Editor:

I feel so sorry for all of the rich and not so rich people that want more and more money regardless how it affects the very much unfortunate citizens.

These wonderful just don’t want to pay a fair share of taxes. They do everything to avoid paying taxes by hiding their money in offshore banks, capital gains and other tricky ways. Sad, but true, that “our” politicians are the reason.

I feel sorry for the rich people, corporations, the ones that are paid to corrupt the politicians and the politicians that accept gratuities, which would be illegal for honest citizens. Case in point is the fact that most of a certain political party signed a pledge with a lobbyist not to raise taxes on the rich. I would be so ashamed that everyone knew I went back on the pledge I made to the voters and accepted something that caused me to betray my oath of office.

How can anyone get on TV and try to convince anyone that by taking just about everything away from them and, giving to the rich is good. What terrible things they want to inflict on the citizens that have paid their way during their lifetime of work.

I have a great idea that will solve most of the problems in this country. Let’s put all of these great politicians on the same “entitlements” as the oppressed citizens in America. Many of the forgoing mentioned people claim to be some sort of Christian while doing most everything against what God’s word says is a big time sin.

Some of the churches have big time false prophets, and a few are riddled with what God calls abomination throughout the KJV Bible. I really don’t think it will make a difference, but, all of these rich people and politicians that profess to be Christians just might get a KJV Bible and read LUKE 16: 19-31, MARK 24-25, PROVERBS 6: 16-19, ISAIAH 10: 1-2, MATTHEW 19: 23-24.

There are many others that I could quote but, if they believe they are such good “Christians,” it provably would not help. Now, if they are such good “Christians,” they won’t need to worry if our Lord and savior returns this month, or sometime in the near future. Be ready or face an eternity with many lost people. I know that I am not worthy but, I pray that I am acceptable. Amen.


Capt. F.E. “Jack”

Morgan (retired)