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December 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor 12/15/13

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Stuff-A-Truck organizers say thanks 

Dear Editor:

Limestone County Churches Involved is so grateful for all of the work that Athens/Limestone County people did to make its third annual Stuff-A-Truck an event that will help us provide food to those in need in our area, not just for the holidays, but far, far beyond that.

We have so many people to thank: Todd Stovall, Athens City, who provided the orange cones to mark our area; the volunteers who worked their shifts in the brutal weather we had; Tim McCormick for letting us use his truck for three consecutive years; First National Bank for providing a location for the truck; Billie May for making storage available for our donations; First United Methodist Church for sponsoring this food drive; and especially those of you who gave so generously to the needy in our area.

We are, indeed, blessed to live in a community of people who have a genuine desire to help those in need, and you certainly did that with Stuff-A-Truck.

Thank you.


Ida Terry


Common sense no longer counts

Dear Editor:

I have only gone to the Farmers Market in Athens a few times, but I have never seen anyone dirty or anything dirty being sold.

Some people are just ridiculous. Common sense is no longer counted for anything.

People that have nothing to do but mind other people’s business always want to ruin everything for the common folk.

What has happened to common sense? Why must everything be made so difficult? When we go to buy anything at all, you can tell by looking and touching whether or not it is any good, etc.

When you go to a grocery store, you will find many things that are questionable. You take it and wash or clean it.


Catherine Motter


DA Brian Jones did right thing

Dear Editor:

I beg to differ with Mr. Davis.  I believe that the true Republicans of Limestone County are proud that our District Attorney Brian Jones stood up and took action to make sure that our laws are followed and enforced. 

Elected officials not following the law is exactly why our country (at all levels) is where it is today. 

Mr. Davis is wrong in my opinion.

DA Brian Jones did the right thing.


Linda Wilson