The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

March 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor 3/24/13

The News Courier

Liberals wrong on guns

Dear Editor:

Let me be sure I have this right. Liberals want young women, armed with automatic weapons, on the frontline of a shooting war, but don’t think they can be trusted to carry a handgun on a college campus. The reason? Quoting a congressman from Colorado, “They might think they are going to be raped, but maybe they won’t be. Besides, that is what whistles are for.” A whistle is going to stop a rapist?

Jill Biden is more educated and smarter than the vice president, but he feels the need to instruct her (and other women) on how to protect themselves with only two shells in a shotgun. (By the way, his plan of shooting into the air is a felony in Delaware). Why aren’t the feminists outraged over this condescending and sexist talk by the left? Women and minorities need to wake up to the fact that liberals don’t think they are able to take care of themselves.


Bruce Wilson


A successful hunt

Dear Editor:

On Saturday, March 16, Spirit of Athens hosted their annual Easter egg hunt around Limestone County Courthouse. Hundreds of children, parents, and grandparents came downtown to be part of the festivities.

First Baptist Church partnered with Spirit Of Athens this year and exhibited a tireless and brilliant spirit of friendship and work on the project. Their volunteers prepared numerous activities and provided colorful Easter baskets filled with toys and art supplies that were won during the morning. Over 2,000 eggs were stuffed by the First Baptist youth with candy provided by Spirit Of Athens. Shane Black served as a dynamic emcee and tremendous gratitude is extended to the Easter Bunny for making an appearance and posing for hundreds of pictures with children throughout the morning.

 Much thanks is extended to Spirit of Athens Promotion Committee and Trisha Black; David Carter and his many magnificent First Baptist Church volunteers; Shane Black and Hand Arendall; Reliance Bank; Victoria Black and the wonderful TRAIL youth volunteers.

Congratulations to the participants who found the gold and silver eggs. They each won a huge chocolate bunny. These winners were Arianna Ladner, 6, Mary Ellis Powers, 5, Nevaeh Royster, 7, and Matthew Donahue, 4.

It was delightful to be part of such a happy event in downtown Athens.


Diane Lehr


Don’t believe the lies

Dear Editor:

Oh, what terrible things so many people will do for money, and try to justify what they do. Let’s see, they lie, steal, take bribes, murder, prostitution, adultery, corruption, pray for someone to die in order to get an inheritance, and no one has to answer for it, yet.

Some of the media also report that many of “our” elected representatives are taking gratuities to introduce bills that favor either the rich or corporations that are detrimental to most of the of the middle class, seniors and poor. While stacking up their billions, they and many representatives say they are lazy, don’t want to work, or Social Security and Medicare costs to much.

This is also lies perpetrated by people in our government, certain other people or the far right leaning news media. The only one that I believe the truth about is Bernie Sanders, an independent congressman from Vermont. He says there is $2.7 trillion surplus, enough to last 20 years, and if the government paid back the $3 trillion they availed themselves of from our Social Security. This was money that “we paid” into the SIS trust fund for ourselves, but they make it seem as if the government is footing the bill. So why don’t they tell the truth about it?

The same goes for Medicare; we pay dearly for everything that we get from Medicare, it is no free handout as they allude to. They want to privatize everything in order for big business to take over and make all of the money they can while depriving anyone from a halfway decent living.

It seems to that these people (many claim to be Christians, but act like demons) might belong to something called the Trilateral Commission, whose aim is to control all of the world’s money. This might not be so, it is just something I picked up on the Internet once or twice. You might want to check it out.

My Bible says, “what profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul.” I believe some these “Christian” politicians should find a Bible and read, Isaiah 10: 1-2. No one is exempt from the word of God.


Capt. F.E. “Jack” Morgan (retired)