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April 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor 4/7/13

The News Courier

Support Andy George

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to the citizens of Limestone County in support of Andy George. He has been one of my best friends in the entire world since we were kids. I have spent more time with him and him with me than just about anyone else in either of our lives.

Our friendship is one of trust and one of sharing. There is absolutely nothing that one of us doesn’t know about the other. That is the definition of best friends. That’s how I know for 100 percent fact that Andy George has never done anything inappropriate while being a teacher at West Limestone.

Those kids that Andy has taught over the years are his entire world. He will never have kids of his own, so he looks at these kids as if they were his own. He not only is a great teacher, but also a great motivator, parent figure, role model and mentor to them.

I have heard time and time again over the years from many different people about how Andy touched their lives, how he picked them up when they were down. I have been told numerous times about how certain kids would have quit school if it wasn’t for Mr. George.

The reason for this is because he cares deeply about them and is not prejudiced or discriminatory to any of them for any reason. That is called unconditional love for people. That is who I want my own son to be around. That is who I was so excited for my nieces and nephews who are students at West Limestone to have as a teacher. 

As I’m sure most of you know, Mr. George was in a terrible car accident in February of 1992. He was paralyzed from the waist down, forever. Through all of that, hardly ever have I heard Andy gripe or fuss about it. He came back to school, went to college, and decided to take a low paying job as a teacher so he could be one to mentor kids. That is a pretty great story for a life if you ask me. 

I am going to stand right alongside him, his parents, his friends, his lawyers and anyone else on his side. I hope that some of you former students that know and have had your lives touched by Mr. George will stand beside us as well.


Jason A. Christopher



FRC should stay

Dear Editor:

Does everyone know the resources we have for struggling families here in Athens?

Using a grant from the Annie B. Casey foundation to determine how to improve social services delivery in the state of Alabama and improve the ability for families to become self sufficient, a study group made the recommendation — with former Gov. Bob Riley’s approval — to establish the Family Resource Center.

The business model of the study recommended that city/county/local community provide a location and operation support, and then the community/grants/ etc., provide the costs for salaries and operations.

Limestone County has been most gracious to provide line-item funding for this operating budget — $20,000 each year since  it started.  What is being considered to stop is the provision of our building rent and utilities, which has been provided by the county since 2006.

I heard all these interesting facts, and understand that our own Stanley Menefee is the one in charge of removing this provision. Say it isn’t so, Stanley. Surely, we are not turning a blind eye to our own poor.

A group of women at the Presbyterian church have committed to pray that Mr. Menefee will experience a change of heart and care again about the poor in Athens.


Susie Adams