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September 5, 2012

Letters to the Editor 9/2/12

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Is ‘2016’ film correct?

Dear Editor:

In President Obama’s recent “You didn’t build that” speech, he scoffed at the idea that being smart and working hard contributes to success. He seems to think successful people got lucky and held a winning lottery ticket. In fact, he thinks the government paid for the ticket.

In his mind, people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Henry Ford only succeeded because of government help and being lucky. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only does government not help business, it actually makes it harder for a business to succeed. Every policy Obama pursues results in hurting business and killing job growth.

Obama appears to be a smart man. How can he believe the things he does? Why does he waste billions on “green” energy and refuse to allow the Keystone Pipeline and drilling for oil? Why is he trying to kill the coal industry (which will cause our electric costs to go up 10 fold)? Is it just ignorance? Or is it something more sinister? Could the movie “2016” be correct in its conclusion that Obama is trying to bring this country down and punish us for our past “sins”?

Regardless of his motives, we are on the brink of disaster. Obama may not need four more years for this country to fail.

If you fear for our country as much as I do, voting will not be enough. We must all work hard at getting the truth out about the future of our country. If you know someone in one of the “swing states” who voted for Obama four years ago, plead with them to vote for Romney in November. Do it for your children and grandchildren.


Bruce Wilson


Yes, I said it

Dear Editor:

For the record, I was not misquoted or in any way misrepresented by The News Courier or Jean Cole in the Aug. 26, 2012, article “Locals react to ‘legitimate rape’ comment.” I would also note that I have never been misquoted or misrepresented by The News Courier since I got involved in politics more than four years ago.

I have received many phone calls and emails on the article, which I expected and enjoy.  Many agree and many disagree but it seems every conversation started out, “Did you really say that!” Well, yep, sure did.

The story wasn’t about Rex Davis and his political philosophies, the story was about a sitting congressman who is running for the United States Senate and his irresponsible comments about rape and reproduction. His comments were and are incorrect in every aspect imaginable.

Jean Cole, Adam Smith and I often have “conversation” and my opinion on this issue came up during one of those private, friendly conversations. Since Jean was doing an article on the issue I was asked if I would do an interview about the matter and I agreed. Glad I did. Hope it helped.

Reporters have a difficult job to do, and that job is not to publish 20 minutes of interview verbatim and offer the draft to the individuals interviewed for edit … ain’t gonna happen.

I am the vice chairman of the county Republican Party, everything I say or do reflects on that elected executive body and I take full responsibility for every word and action I may take. However, what I say unless specifically expressed is not the position of the executives or the Republican Party, it is simply the opinion of Rex Davis and his political philosophy. Trust me, we in the Republican Party do not always agree on every plank in the platform and never will.


Rex Davis


Too much flip-flopping

Dear Editor:

I have lived a very long time, but, never have seen or heard the lies or constant flip- flopping that we are now confronted with.

They say ugly things, and apologize, even though they meant what they said. Many claim to be Christians, but, don't seem to realize, know or care what God says about charity, greed, corruption, lust, liars, love of money, oppressing the poor and needy. Some of them want to be elected so very, very bad; they want to stop Hispanics, poor and black people from voting.

They even want to control a woman’s right to decide for themselves (whether sin or not) about their body. One of the candidates claims to be a Christian even though he professed his admiration for an atheist’s teaching, then deny it (another flip-flop).

Since 1998 we have been exposed to super psychological generated lies about jobs, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They won’t tell that “we the people” have paid our money into Social Security all of our lives for a decent retirement, but they have taken more than $3trillion from it, and are too dishonest to repay it. Instead they want to destroy it along with the seniors by privatizing “our money” where it will disappear along with the seniors. It's our money, and it should be up to us, not some corrupt politician.

It’s time for term limits, no lobbyists, insider trading, gifts, and entitlements (pension, retirement benefits, and health insurance). These people in Washington need to be under Social Security and Medicare the same as we are. Why should someone we vote to represent us feather their own nest, by representing the rich, corporations, and themselves?

I can’t understand how someone can put their hand on a Bible, take an oath of office, then immediately forget the oath. Oh well, I pray for our corrupt politicians and the rich people because I hate to think of anyone burning in hell forever. Now I realize that many people don't believe in the Bible, or care what it says. No one can repent or ask forgiveness when they take their last breath. So, let everything that has breath praise the Lord!


Capt. F.E. “Jack” Morgan (retired)


You should visit library

Dear Editor:

Limestone County and Athens residents deserve a new library. Two letters  have been written opposing same but both were a bit confusing. One would speculate if they are members or not based on their comments.

I visit the library weekly and recommend all residents of the city and county support a new library.


M H Rhodes,

East Limestone

Group supports library

Dear Editor:

The Friends of the Athens-Limestone Public Library is an organization created to maintain an association of persons interested in libraries. One of our purposes is to provide financial assistance to the library by purchasing special, unusual, and artistic items that the library cannot afford through its budget.

The used book sale, conducted on the second and fourth Tuesdays and the first Saturday of each month, is our primary fundraising activity. We accept donations of books, hard cover and paperback, DVDs and audio books. Volunteers sort and shelve the items and work at the sales.

Through our book sales, we have purchased a new sign for the library designed to be useable at the new library. We have also purchased a subscription to Large Print books.  We have provided funds for advanced training classes for the librarians and the summer reading programs. These are all items not supported by the library’s current budget. Each year we also go to the Head Start classes in the community for a reading day at which each child receives its own book. We are helping to foster a love of reading in Athens and Limestone County.

At the present library, our space is very limited. We have use of the back part of the community room. We are using every inch of that space. We have worked very hard to shelve the donated books in this small space.

The children’s librarian and many activities of the library share this room — the children’s reading program, the preschool class, classes for adults, book clubs, and meetings, in addition to the used book sales.  We do not have many hours each week when this room is available to us for the sales and shelving books.

At the new library, the Friends of the Athens-Limestone Public Library will have their own room. With this expansion we will be able to have our used book sale more often and generate more revenue to use to assist the library.

We wish to see our library grow and prosper. The new library will be a benefit to everyone in the area as it aids in attracting new businesses and industries. The library will be able to expand its outreach to residents, whether they are conducting job searches or looking for books or magazines for their enjoyment.

The Friends of the Athens-Limestone Public Library will continue to provide and increase needed support for the library as the library moves to its new location.


Linda Tinker, president

The Friends of the Athens-Limestone Public Library