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March 2, 2014

Letters to the Editor 3/2/14

The News Courier

The News Courier encourages letters to the editor. Submissions should be no more than 250 words and include name, address and telephone number for verification. Submissions that do not meet requirements are subject to editing.  Writers are limited to one published letter every 30 days. Send letters to P.O. Box 670, Athens AL 35613 or email to

Charen column ‘replete with lies’

Dear Editor:

Mona Charen’s Feb. 21 column was replete with obloquy and lies. Mumia Abu-Jamal was called the poster boy for the left. He is a man. Yes, he has dreadlocks and a Swahili-Arabic name. Anyone with a funny name in snow a foreign terrorist. To invoke George Soros is to assert that if a Jew works for a living, he’s a Bolshevik. If he succeeds in business, he secretly rules the world.

Abu-Jamal released a statement May 3, 2001 asserting his innocence, which is backed by evidence. His jail guard denied that Mumia confessed the night of the shooting while his lungs were full of blood. On June 8, 1999 Arnold Beverly confessed to murdering the policeman. Mumia’s pistol, a .38, was never fired that night. The policeman was killed with a .44.

I have met a member of MOVE. They are no more dangerous that Greenpeace. They have twice been victims of state-sponsored terrorism. Anti-Mumia lies are not new. But now the Republican Utopia is a future where any American not of pure Anglo-Saxon blood pays taxes to a government that is his enemy.


Ryan Amptmeyer


Tax plans not good for middle class

Dear Editor:

Sen. Dial’s tax swap and Rep. Knight’s tax policy — neither one is good.

The rich get richer, the poor, get poorer but it’s always the middle class workers that carry the load for everything

Knight’s tax policy would only hurt the middle class. The middle class is the hard-working people who really keep the country going.

Leave the tax policies alone and let everyone pay taxes alike.

Every citizen should be held accountable for their share of taxes.


Lynda Elliott


Re-striping streets would enhance city

Dear Editor:

Mayor Marks, suggest you take a drive on North Jefferson and Forrest Streets. Take note of the potholes and uneven pavement. Either are pretty rough drives. Also, notice that the striping is almost invisible on these and, for that matter, all Athens streets.

Re-striping streets would greatly enhance the appearance of Athens and the $500,000 you are so generously giving away could be used for the above projects and even put some people to work, at least temporarily.


Larry Townsend


Upset over rules for letters

Dear Editor:

I seem to be slightly confused about the current rules regarding Letters to the Editor, also the reason why! Can it be a way of preventing any concerns of the voting public from expressing their opinions about any political party that may be trying to control the vote?

I also noticed that on 2/23/14 a lone Letter to the Editor had about 443 words, which, in my opinion should not have been printed as it had over twice as many words that are supposed to be allowed. I also noticed that when you changed the rules many columnists started popping up with mostly negative comments about the current administration in Washington.

Now, since I will not be allowed my usual 400 words, can I become a columnist in order to express my opinion about a political party that seems to be trying to destroy the middle class in this once great country?

I also believe that the voting citizens should control the vote, not corporations or the super rich.

Take care; the time is coming when all will face judgment. It might help to read Psalms 10: 2-7.

Hopefully, letters will revert back to the original format.


Capt. F. E. “Jack” Morgan


(Editor’s Note: The letter to the editor of Feb. 23 was run that length because it was deemed to be a positive story about the city, where a visitor was shown hospitality from Athens in a wonderful way.  The News Courier is not preventing concerns from anyone wanting to express their opinions on any issue. The word count was reduced to 200 words from “the usual 400 words” to allow more letters from writers with a clear, succinct message.  We have since increased the word count to 250 words. At the beginning of the year, The News Courier added three conservative and two liberal columnists as well as one conservative, one liberal and one independent cartoonist.)