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April 15, 2012

Letters to the Editor 4/15/12

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Shooting victim let down

Have we lost the word No in the English vocabulary? The American public is so worried about stepping on someone’s rights that a horrible tragedy was allowed to occur Sunday.

Yes, everyone has the right to bear arms according to the state and federal laws. And to the Bill of Rights. But what about common sense? What about moral rights?

I believe equal rights for all. And everyone should be treated the same. But in some instances the word No should be used. Isn’t it our purpose on Earth to care for and protect all people. Yet, we let him down.

Yes, mental illness is a disease. And there are different levels of severity. Yet, when it comes to the law, it’s all treated the same. Well it’s not the same. And the law should recognize this.

Everyone has the right to own a firearm I agree with this wholeheartedly. But if you see a man walking into oncoming traffic, do you stop him or say it’s his right. You stop him.

Same concept here. If one person had stepped up and said No, would we be debating this issue? I think not. We would still be hugging, loving and caring for him. Instead, we buried him.

Think about it. If one life is saved due to this tragedy all is not lost.

Be the one person to say No!


Kimberly Wood


Beware wrath of God

Dear Editor:

While reading my bible, the word “Christian” weighed heavily on my heart. So, I looked up Christian in my dictionary for an answer. I found Christian is a person professing the belief in Jesus Christ, and Christianity, based on the Old and New Testament.

Then, it came to me, that there are many forms, thoughts and types of Christians and Christianity. To me, a true Christian believes in all of God's word and tries their best to follow it. Some are Christians, while they are in church, but, later are attracted to the things of this world.

Some go to worship where false prophets are the ministers in the pulpit teaching false doctrine. Many claim to be Christians (but are not) in order to further some agenda, or cause they have in order to obtain some desired outcome. Others that claim to be Christians lose sight of God because of the desire for other things, greed, envy, idolatry, perverted sex acts, lust, back biting, corruption, bribery, drugs, alcohol and in many cases it is just plain apostasy.

I pray that I am saying, and doing the things that are pleasing to a gracious, loving and wonderful living God. I can't understand how anyone that professes to be a Christian, and believes the teachings of the Holy Bible can ignore what God says about the penalties for doing the things that he hates.

I feel so sorry for all of the super rich, and corrupt politicians, that think for some reason they are exempt from the wrath of God. I don't know about you, but, I'm looking for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Amen.


Capt. F.E. “Jack” Morgan (retired)