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June 3, 2012

Letters to the Editor 6/3/12

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Repeating a lie

Dear Editor:

During World War II, Adolph Hitler had a propaganda minister, and his philosophy was, “Repeat a lie often enough and everyone will believe it.” Now, in my opinion, it seems to me the same thing has been going on since 2008 by the party opposing President Obama and his party.

Every time anyone of them is interviewed, they always distort the truth and have something negative to say about Obama, or his party. They also refuse to cooperate in any way to solve any problems, such as the deficit, economy or anything else. They seem to be intent on destroying the post office, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, health care. They also shortchange our regular and wounded military heroes, then blame it all on Obama.

All of these problems were dumped on Obama because of good old George. To bad we can’t change positions with some of these puffed-up, corrupt, self-importants, and watch them squirm, as they are trying to do to the middle class, seniors, poor and poverty stricken citizens.

I also believe that many persons will vote for these heartless “representatives” regardless of how bad it will affect them. I feel so, so sorry for everyone if these members of the other party left in Washington (unless they ran as Democratic, then change sides, as they have done many times in the past). I would be so ashamed to say, “I’m a Christian,” while most everyone in the country knew, or suspected, that I received “gifts” from corporations, also rich people to introduce, or pass a bill that punishes the helpless citizens, and makes them richer.

They have a very different opinion of what makes a Christian than I have, or what the Bible says. If I had the opportunity to except sinful “gifts,” and did, I could not look at myself in a mirror or face any of my Christian friends, or anyone else.

If these politicians and rich “Christians” would read Matthew: 24 in the Bible and see what Jesus says about the end times, and the things that are happing now, maybe they might change their mind about greed and power. They need to get rich in the Lord our God, not money.

I am an independent, and, I did not vote for Obama, or McCain!


Capt. F.E. “Jack” Morgan



Good luck residents

Dear Editor:

Recently, I had a woman call me regarding the performance of our elected officials.  Regarding our mayor and City Council, she said, “When are you going to recommend we replace the whole bunch?”  The following is a quick review of some of their accomplishments.

We never have town meetings in the evenings, like other cities, to discuss current and future planning and proposed expenditures for Athens.  Now for capital expenditures, it seems the city may be making the first move toward getting involved in a $2,600,000 Trinity school project, the city’s committed to an over-designed, oversized, $6,000,000 library, and committed to a new city hall at a total cost of $3,500,000.

The interest cost on municipal bonds in Alabama has increased due to the Jefferson County bankruptcy. Where’s our city leaders concern that sales tax revenues are going to decline in coming years due to competitive businesses being developed in Athens backyard on other cities annexed property, and maybe a $100,000,000 industrial plant in Huntsville’s annexed land in Limestone County, all of which do not put any money in Athens general funds coffers. Maybe the Grease Festival, sponsored by the Spirit of Athens, will make a difference other than making Athens a laughingstock.

We can’t get the city’s streets paved and maintained as they should be but we spent $600,000 for land next to the Sportsplex that has no engineering certification that it doesn’t have a water drainage problem like the Sportsplex and don’t know when we can afford to use this property.  $500,000 to pave a Sportsplex parking lot, $100,000 to renovate a pump building for the use of three tourism employees.   The Sportsplex current six-month operating cost was $500,000.  In over two years, the city seems unable to demolish or get renovated the dilapidated, eyesore, buildings just off the square, but spend money to renovate the square buildings facades even with broken windows.

Approve an oil distillery in a residential and business area that will have odor and the possibility of explosions and fire with 105 tank trucks crossing the city, every week, to the plant.  One resident said, to the planning commission, if this was your backyard you wouldn’t do this.  Good luck residents and taxpayers.  Our officials seem to respond mainly to special people and interests.

Tax increase anyone!


Quentin D. Anderson Sr.