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August 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor 8/25/13

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Drivers are at fault

Dear Editor:

I’m responding to the newspaper’s coverage in the Aug. 18 edition of the vehicle accident that happened at the intersection of Highway 99, Elk River Mills Road and Fort Hampton Road.

I don’t dispute that deaths have occurred at this intersection. I don’t know the state statistics but it isn’t because the intersection is dangerous. View is unrestricted for several hundred feet in all directions.

With that said, accidents at this intersection probably happen because the driver is inattentive as to what is going on with traffic in front of him, the driver is tailgating as with the majority of drivers I have encountered in this commuting area including Huntsville, or the driver is speeding.

As with most accidents I read about, it is seldom the driver’s fault, it is the road conditions.


Larry Townsend


Help amend the Constitution

Dear Editor:

The state of our country is very distressing. We are going pell-mell down the road to destruction.  Our government officials lie to us with impunity, ignore laws they don’t like, abuse the Constitution and refuse to accept any responsibility for the state of our economy. No one even makes a pretense of submitting a budget any more. Congress seems perfectly happy using continuing resolutions to finance the government.  We are now ruled (not governed) by a group of elitist. States no longer have any rights but are merely agents of the federal government.

I lost hope of this changing until I recently heard Michael Farris on the Mike Huckabee radio talk show. I learned there is a way for states to put a stop to this and give us back our country and constitutional law. 

Article V of the Constitution allows for states to hold a convention for the purpose of amending the Constitution without any involvement or interference from Congress. Mr. Farris is proposing such a convention addressing only one subject — reining in the power of the federal government. The convention may produce any number of amendments addressing that subject. The people involved have a website  —  — which goes in to a detailed explanation of the process and a list of possible amendments. 

Of course the delegates at the convention will decide what amendments will be submitted to the states for ratification. It should also be noted that at the convention each state has only one vote so no minority of states can force their will on the majority as happens in the electoral college.

I urge everyone to go to the website and learn what this is about. For the convention to happen 30 state legislatures must call for a convention. Call your state senator and representative and ask them to get behind this.

This same concept is the topic of a new book by Mark Levin entitled “Liberty Amendments.” Mr. Levin was a guest Aug. 16 on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News.  The entire hour was a discussion of proposed amendments.

I think young people should pay close attention to what is happening; their lives are going to be drastically affected by what happens in our country during the next few years. On our present course opportunities for our young people will be more and more limited and the citizens will become poorer and poorer.


Sylvia Bowers


Headed for socialism

Dear Editor:

The 21st century is when the forces of the left, so arrogant and self-righteous in their belief that their way is the only way for the country, waited for the right moment to step in and force their agenda on everyone.  This is the first step in transforming the nation into a socialized society.

The liberals have always accused anyone, who doesn’t agree with them, of being racists.    They have run up the national debt to astronomical levels, much of it held by China, which will cripple the nation and still turn around and claim that they’re doing it for the good of our nation.  Obama has, figuratively, given financial control of the United States to foreign powers.  The unchecked middle-east threat is also a major problem that is going to hurt us in the future.

The president may claim the Constitution gives him broad, sweeping, powers to deal with “emergency situations,” and thereby grant the temporary suspension of the rights granted by the Constitution, are the proper scope of the powers of the president.

Obama believes so strongly in his thinking that he will do anything to accomplish it. He wants to shape our nation so that a relatively few do the work and pay the taxes to support the many whose lack of effort is rewarded.

Since some school districts have more money than others, Obama feels this is unconstitutional and state and local control of the public schools should be abolished so the federal government can establish a nationwide school system with strict control over financing and curriculum, etc., to make everything equal.

Most of the news media supports the activities of the liberals and the president, and they will imply anyone who disagrees is unpatriotic or racist. The media’s version of utopia is to raise taxes for the government to take care of the public from cradle to the grave. Citizens provide the funds with no options.

Obama Care will destroy our medical system with higher costs and reduction in benefits for senior citizens. The Obama Care “Navigators” are a panel, appointed by the president, that will decide what benefits seniors can receive to maintain their lives and health.  They will decide how you will live or die.  Who determines panel members capability and experience to make these critical personal medical decisions?  No one but God can make these decisions. Is this, truly, what we want? 


Quentin D. Anderson Sr.