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October 13, 2013

Letters to the Editor 10/13/13

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Thanks for the help

Dear Editor:

We would like to thank policeman Randy Vickers for his assistance in helping us with our car trouble Oct. 8. It’s good to know our policemen are always ready to help.


Otis E. Kennemer


Time to clean house

Dear Editor:

I believe there is an old proverb that says, “Oh, what a web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” Well, sad but true, the web of deception covers this whole country.

According to the information I have received from most of the news media, MSNBC (not FOX) also several publications, Congress is controlled by the tea party, Koch Brothers, many big corporations, insurance companies, and super rich persons. Unfortunately all of the oppressive bills are introduced and passed by Congress, regardless of the terrible consequences it has on the on the helpless citizens, or the country.

In fact on the night Obama was elected they agreed to block anything Obama suggested, and that they would shut the government down. While CEOs are getting $93 million and employees are getting a whopping $35,000 a year, the country suffers because of this most terrible imbalance of income.

We, the citizens are constantly being deceived by our government, but, mostly by a Congress that had only one thing in mind since 2008, and that was getting Obama out of office and getting control of the Congress, Senate and White House. If this ever happens it would probably be the end of most of the poor and elderly on Medicare and other programs that help the needy.

When these politicians complain about Medicare, they never mention there are about $60 billion up to $90 billion per year of fraud. No one mentions that some very big corporations have been investigated for this, but never were charged. I would hate to be someone elected by the people, put my hand on the Holy Bible and take an oath of office, then take gifts from the above mentioned people to violate my oath.

Very many politicians claim to be some kind of Christian, but fail to follow God's will, nor the will of the people, only the will of big money and gifts. I would hate to be a Koch brother, or any other person that desires to destroy the poor and elderly on judgment day. Yes, it was a sad day when these members were elected to Congress, especially the leaders that defy the will of 90 percent of the country, but do the will of outside interests. I will never vote for another Republican again. Let's clean house. All politicians please read a Bible.


Capt. F.E. “Jack” Morgan (retired)