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February 12, 2012

Letters to the Editor 2/12/12

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It is our money

Dear Editor:

Messrs. Morgan and Anderson hit the nail on the head. The government is trying to convince us that the money we pay into Social Security is their money, so they can decide how much we get back, if any. In fact, both parties seem to think all our money belongs to them and they will let us use some of it if we follow their rules. The best name you can use for this thinking is socialism, while the worst is communism.

The federal government keeps growing and each new agency wants to tell us what to do. The main purpose of a federal agency is to grow. In order to do that, that must make more “rules.” It is hard to believe, but Obama has created a new agency whose job is getting more people signed up for food stamps. He is even paying a bonus to groups who sign up the most people.

How about getting rid of most of these agencies and their rules? Use the money saved for tax cuts. With “the people” having more money to spend, more jobs would be created, which would generate more money to spend and more jobs. If the government would get out of the way, we wouldn’t need food stamps and other handouts. When I was in the business world, I earned a bonus if I cut my expenses while taking on more work. The Feds give you a bonus for wasting more money.

Both parties are guilty of wasting “our” money. The Republicans are at least pretending they want smaller government. The Democrats openly admit they want to spend more and more. Someday, we will run out of money and we will all be poor. Actually, we have already run out of money and we are all poor.


Bruce Wilson


Seniors deserve better

Dear Editor:

Anyone who rejects the death penalty should vote against President Obama.  He has stated that senior citizens health care costs are too high. His health care law has designated a specially appointed board that will decide what health care and medications are justified for senior citizens. The Obama health care program wants to reduce Medicare coverage for seniors by $500 billion, which will drastically affect the life spans of many seniors. It could be a death sentence!

Obama is saying that seniors should not be allowed to live indefinitely, due to their excessive health care costs and is condemning them to earlier than normal deaths. I have had pre-cancerous polyps removed, several times, during colonoscopies. At the last colonoscopy, the doctor said, that being over 75, Medicare wouldn’t approve more colonoscopies. This could expedite my death from cancer.

Some medications are now being restricted from coverage and others costs have increased by up to 50 percent. This has caused many seniors to give up life-saving drugs due to lack of reasonable availability and costs. One drug dispensing insurance representative (not pharmacy) said to me that age is a factor.

President Obama has no concerns for illegal aliens costing our citizens billions of dollars for unpaid health care, to educate non-English speaking children, and loss of jobs for citizens and wages being reduced.  Ultraliberals want to protect the “rights” of illegal aliens and think nothing of the cost to U.S. citizens to pay the expenses of free services to illegal aliens. 

Billions in Medicare costs, for our senior citizens, should take precedence over lawbreakers’ health care and free education.  The health care bill also puts a tax on surgical instruments and equipment, hip and knee replacements and so on, increasing their cost.  Obama minions explain that this is to help pay for the uninsured. Why not help pay for Medicare? There are many other surprises that slipped under the health care law umbrella that will affect other aspects of our lives.

I don’t like being condemned to an earlier than normal death by an incompetent president and his congressional minions.  Senior citizens deserve better than this. Obama’s lack of leadership, arrogant attitude, claptrap, and espoused class warfare must go.


Quentin D. Anderson Sr.


In Reagan’s words

Dear Editor:

“Are great numbers of our unemployed really victims of the illegal invasion, or are those illegal tourists actually doing work our people won’t do? One thing is certain in this hungry world: No regulation or law should be allowed if it results in crops rotting in the fields for lack of harvesters.”

Ronald Reagan, president of the United States of America, radio address, November 1977.


Carlos Crump Romero


Road to nowhere

Dear Editor:

The proposed development of the old Decatur Road will require a bridge be rebuilt and a substantial amount of preparation over rugged terrain for the road to be developed. No doubt, at a great cost to the taxpayers.

Besides the expense of completing the project it will cause additional traffic problems on an already congested Highway 72 in front of the Walmart store and shopping center.

There is already adequate excess to the 20 acres of property to be developed from Highway 31 and Sanderfer Road. Some improvements of Jamal Street at Highway 72 would be less expensive and would not cause additional traffic problems on Highway 72.

If the city has all this money to spend on road projects, I can show them much higher priority projects that are in bad need of repair.


Jerry Hill