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March 9, 2014

Letters to the Editor 3/9/14

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The News Courier encourages letters to the editor. Submissions should be no more than 250 words and include name, address and telephone number for verification. Submissions that do not meet requirements are subject to editing.  Writers are limited to one published letter every 30 days. Send letters to P.O. Box 670, Athens AL 35613 or email to

Government should leave food business

Dear Editor:

Results of a February survey reveal that Americans waste 30 percent of their food. Some of the recommendations to remedy this situation include informing the public (you are hereby notified), and by government action. And, actually, this IS the government's business, since they stuck their noses into our food supply a long time back, which is activity beyond the authority allocated by our Constitution. They can help resolve our current plight and try to correct some of their former mistakes by taking the appropriate action.

This would be to eliminate or reduce farming subsidies, the food stamp program(s), school breakfast/lunch programs, subsidies for the elderly, the pregnant, the homeless, the poor, the lazy, and the drugged. These programs can be replaced by families, friends, churches, communities, and the general benevolence of Americans. This is how it was done previously, before our government tried to rule every aspect of our lives.

These steps noted above would increase food costs, assuring that people would be more careful spending their money, since there would be less available for other commodities. Our government has also been spending our money to tell us that we are obese. This is also completely outside their realm of authority. You can't have it both ways. They are spending money to make food cheaper and more available, and simultaneously telling us we are eating too much. That just isn't right. The government needs to get out of the food business, saving money and reducing government intrusions into our lives.


Mike Wahl


Do not be discouraged

Dear Editor:

Upon reading the letter to the editor in the March 2 issue, wherein the writer seemed to be confused about the newspaper’s 250-word policy, I was left confused.

Was the writer expressing a belief that negative comments about the present administration in Washington, D.C., be outlawed and that corporations and the super rich should be barred from the political process?

I will admit that some less than honorable things happen, but a large corporation provides a bottom feeder like me the means to provide food and shelter for my family, as they do for millions of other people.

I would like to say to the writer, do not be discouraged. We still live in the greatest nation on Earth and, if someone were to write a letter to the editor that contained 251 words, they will not receive a penalty of 30 days in the electric chair.

Take heart, for we will understand it all by and by.


G.P. Boyd