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April 6, 2014

Letters to the Editor for 4/6/14

The News Courier

Long wait for veterans' tag

Dear Editor:

 There has been encouragement lately for veterans to have the veterans designation included on their state driver’s license. Four times I’ve made special trips to the (Limestone County) office to request this at my license renewal.

As all special designations are done by the examiner and not at the renewal window, I've not been able to see the examiner. Every attempt was met by the examiner not taking more appointments for that day. This included a 8 a.m. attempt (March 26) where I was advised people began lining up at 4 a.m.  

Why is this individual who is so overrun assigned the additional duties?

In frustration, I decided not to get the veteran designation which I so much wanted. I went to the regular renewal window who was doing nothing.

Here, I asked about the “s” designation, which I may need at some point when going to Redstone Arsenal. I was again advised that only the license examiner can handle special designations.

I chose to forget all designations and got a regular renewal in about 10 minutes.



Bob Melvin


Redistricting bad for Limestone County

Dear Editor:

After the 2010 redistricting, it was my pleasure to be involved in a discussion among some local political leaders.

Their take on the issue was that it was a bad deal for Limestone County, because the county is now split among several districts, putting our political elections in the hands of people who do not live in Limestone County.

(Sheriff) Mike Blakely was very vocal during this discussion, decrying the change. I for one do believe they redrew the districts to give themselves a leg up.


Jonathan Wessner