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April 14, 2013

Letters to the Editor 4/14/13

State workers need raise

Dear Editor:

On Thursday our representative in Montgomery, Mr. Dan Williams wrote and I quote “the general budget will be debated in 2 weeks,” and continued “the governor has not recommended to his (Dan Williams) knowledge a raise for state employees.”

What’s stopping Dan Williams from recommending to the governor and other members a raise for state employees? They have not had a raise in years. He did.

That is his j-o-b, to find ways to help his constituents instead of fighting to preserve fish.

He will be remembered on Election Day as “The Savior of Fish” instead of helping the state employees get a raise. And we will find someone that can. 

Mr. Williams appears to be a very nice person. We need a “can do” person, not a “maybe” person at all. Let’s change that attitude Athenians.


Carlos Crump Romero


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