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November 18, 2012

Letters to the Editor 11/18/12

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Thanks for assistance

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the members of Mims-Russell AMVETS Post 21, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kmart and Tractor Supply Company for the privilege of conducting our White Clover drive fundraiser Saturday at their establishments.

We also thank the generosity of the Athens community for their donations to our mission of helping our local and Alabama veterans statewide.

As you are most likely aware, the only means of generating revenue for veterans’ organizations is through fundraising. Without the kind generosity of our community we would be unable to conduct our services and continue our mission of helping our veterans.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Athens Police Department and the Limestone County Rescue Squad for their assistance in providing traffic control on Nov. 7, while we mounted the flags and again on Nov. 14 during the removal of the flags on Highway 31.


Lyle M. Sadler

1st Vice Commander

Department of Alabama AMVETS

Why was Obama re-elected?

Dear Editor:

Tuesday night (Nov. 6), after the man that has been in the White House for the last four years and has done the worse job possible won the election, I went to bed with a heavy heart wondering why people voted for him.

Was it because his record was so bad that he had to run down an honorable man who is smart and knows what to do to get the economy going again? What it because he believes so strongly about abortion? I will have to answer for a lot when I stand before God but I won’t have the blood of babies on me.

Was it because he told the Russians he would be more flexible after the election? What did he mean by that?

Was it because he passed Obamacare without one Republican vote? We have the best health care in the world and it does need some fixing but not what he wants. Us older citizens had better look out. His board who aren’t even doctors will make decisions about our health care. Why does he need so many IRS agents to get it done?

Was it because he wants to redistribute the wealth of the people that work and give it to the ones that are too lazy to work? That’s called socialism. Was it because he has run up a debt that will take generations to pay off? He wants to raise taxes not to pay on the debt but for new spending projects for people that donated money to his campaign.

Was it because he doesn’t want any oil drilling or coal mining that would create so many jobs?

Is it because he made such bad grades while using cocaine as he said in his book or was he possibly a foreign exchange student?

I am a white Christian woman without a racial bone in my body. I just can’t understand why anyone would vote for him.


Jenny Goode


GOP needs to accept blame

Dear Editor:

Has anyone paid attention to the way that the losing political party has been acting since the election? To me, they have looked like spoiled, self-righteous and self-centered children. They want to blame everyone but themselves for losing, and not admitting that it was their fault.

They said they wanted him to be a one-term president, so they obstructed all of his proposals in order to discredit him. Now their feelings toward Obama are worse than ever, also their lies. I don’t believe if Romney had won the election, the Democrats would have acted like someone out for revenge, or dream up stupid lies.

Some of the other things I heard were of the warmhearted, compassionate, generous CEOs are thinking of their own kind of response. I also heard that some hospitals have informed doctors not to bring anyone over 65 for an operation. What love and compassion.

Here is a new one … I received a robocall from Washington with a very stupid, ignorant question asking if we would be willing to send money in order to impeach President Obama. I believe these kind of things show a party that is desperate, hateful, racist and will do just about anything to get rid of the president.

All of these people that are supposed to represent us put their hand on the Holy Bible and take an oath of office. After this, many are approached by lobbyists and forget about the oath. In fact they sign pledges with the lobbyist not to raise taxes on the rich, although it is very detrimental to 98 percent of the citizens of this once great country.

I will never be able to understand how anyone can love money and power so much that they don’t care about the welfare of others, they only think about self and money. When they die they cannot take anything with them, but their survivors are waiting to divide everything. It’s so sad that most of the rich, politicians, lobbyists, many citizens claim to be Christians, but are consumed by greed, lust, adultery, mendacity, blasphemy, self-centered, laziness, no respect for God, or the Holy Trinity.

These people who claim to be Christians need to read a KJV Bible and find out what God thinks about these things. I am a Christian, independent voter and believe every word of God.


Capt. F.E. “Jack” Morgan (retired)


Tea party

is not racist

Dear Editor:

An article (editorial) from The Anniston Star printed verbatim by the Athens News Courier last Sunday implied that since the election of Barack Obama four years ago, racism has increased. It also perpetuates the myth of racism by the tea party by inserting a juicy tidbit about some supposed rally where someone was — again supposedly — wearing a T-shirt with a racist message (Put a white back into the White House).

I have attended tea party meetings and rallies all over and have never seen or heard anyone voice or exhibit any such garbage. We participants in this movement come in all ages, colors, races and all are welcome. I am tired of responding to and having to refute media and letters to the editor perpetuating this unfounded and untrue allegation of racism.

Let me restate the tenets of the tea party — fiscally sound government, constitutionally limited government and free markets. Now that’s racist.

The article goes further, parsing the difference between the amount of racism in the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. But wait, there’s more. The writer also automatically assumes that racism is only and always from whites against blacks, never the opposite. This assumption is insulting to anyone of average intelligence.

Let’s be clear — racism is and always has been with us. It is primarily a defensive reaction (that which is different is dangerous) and a survival tool (there is strength in commonality), but with education and awareness, this country made great strides toward coming together. Unfortunately, there are some who use the racism issue to further their personal careers and others who use it for political gain in some form or fashion. Scurrilous articles such as this are unraveling the advances we have made.

The powers-that-be (including some in the print media and the airwaves) have discovered that by keeping the masses sufficiently entertained or distracted by secondary items, the truly important issues can be swept under the rug. And it works, as evidenced by the results of this election.

It’s unconscionable and unfortunate, but sadly, it is what it is. I would hope The News Courier would address issues that have true relevance to our needs here in Limestone County and not just parrot the prevailing vacuous articles of the day.

Why not give a hand up to Dr. King’s dream instead of a stick in the spokes?


Tony Llewellyn,


Athens/Limestone Tea Party Patriots

Do what is

right for city

Dear Editor:

Certainly, when spending is more than revenue, the only practical thing to do is to cut spending or raise revenue. In some cases a combination of the two may be necessary.

However, our city officials were not truthful with the citizens before the election by making them believe that “the city is in sound fiscal condition,” with a surplus of revenue.

Only, after the election and before the newly elected city officials were sworn in do the citizens find out the true fiscal needs of our city.

As Mr. Wales stated in the recent City Council meeting, “What we do with the money is how we will be judged” may be true. Only time will tell.

It goes without saying, that if our city officials use this new revenue as a means to keep borrowing more money and increasing to our already high debt, which I fear, then it will not be good for our city in the long run.


Jerry W. Hill


Amend the

tax ordinance

Dear Editor:

The power to tax is the power to destroy. Too many politicians have forgotten how much sweat and blood go into earning an honest dollar. 

Common sense tells us that if the citizens were required to pay their taxes in terms of physical labor instead of money, they would put an end to unnecessary spending. Favors can be done for special interest groups and hidden in the complex framework of budgets.

When our city politicians want money, they traditionally write an ordinance that provides lots of overly optimistic details about the particular items they want to fund. Tax increases burden you and your family irrespective of how responsible you have been in your purchases, or how frugally you lived your life. You will become responsible for the debts generated by your politicians that will further impact your family. More astute spending must be observed in the future by our officials.

The sad part is that most of us work hard, play by the rules, and just want a fair shake, but we’re tired. We’re tired of being angry, tired of being misled and quite frankly, tired of being tired.

Mr. Mayor, you said you were surprised at the citizens’ anger over the sales tax increase and utility bill scam. You misled us and knew it when you did it. That’s why there was no transparency and no public input into these matters.

You aren’t interested in what’s best for all the citizens while spending most of the money for a new City Hall, a library that is twice the size needed with substantially increased operating costs, a Sportsplex and rec center, other groups and organizations that don’t show any real financial benefit to all the citizens, while we have underpaid police and fire officers, unpaved streets and on and on goes the list of unmet real needs of this city. So much for honesty, transparency, and truth in dealing with the citizen’s funds.

It’s time to be honest with the taxpaying citizens and not mislead and rush to judgment items that will have a real long-term economic impact upon our city and its citizens and their children. Section 5 (a) and (b) of the ordinance puts funding constraints upon the legislative body that are not in the best interests of the citizens. It’s time to be completely honest with the taxpaying citizens and amend the tax increase ordinance, now.


Quentin D.

Anderson Sr.