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February 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor 2/17/13

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More solutions for country’s ills

Dear Editor:

Captain “Jack” had a good list of solutions for our countries problems. I agree with some of them and won’t comment. Here are my comments on the others:

No. 1. I assume he means the Democrats who are keeping the country poor by killing jobs. Rich people and businesses create jobs. Poor people and the government don’t. The only people being “punished” in this country are those who are successful and producing jobs.

No. 4. The House of Representatives was established to give each state a voice, based on size. Some states only have a few members in Congress. How would the seats be divided fairly? Would each state get two? That would not be based on size.

No. 7. I agree if we include unions to the list of groups that can’t donate.

No. 10. The courts are supposed to rule based on the Constitution, not “what is right for the people.” “What is right” depends on your political beliefs. Some believe in personal freedom and responsibility. Others want the government to take care of them by taking money from others.

No. 13. Our country is a republic, not a democracy. The Electoral College was established to give each state some say on who is president. If elections were based on popular vote, no one would care about Alabama and other small states.

Captain “Jack” missed several important items:

No. 1. Take the bulk of power away from the Feds and give it to the states, where it belongs.

No. 2. Emphasize personal freedom and responsibility by eliminating government handouts. Our country did fine taking care of the poor when the families, churches and neighbors did it.

No. 3. Leave our guns alone.

No. 4. Stop being soft on terrorists while trying to kill religion in this country.

No. 5. Emphasize the family. Too many children don’t have a father.

No. 5. Stop killing babies before they are born.


Bruce Wilson



More than one way to tax

Dear Editor:

Over 200 years ago our founders fought tyranny, uniquely giving us a democratic republic. It changed the world. Americans held liberty steadfast for over a century until Feb. 3, 1913, when the 16th Amendment began trading away our God-given liberties wrested, by our founders, from tyrants. 

Since, we’ve bartered liberty for perceived physical/financial “security,” lessening and weakening personal liberty.  The 16th Amendment (income tax) set the stage to diminish freedom, ceding power to tax, thus track income. The IRS was set up to monitor citizen’s income, enabling the political class (the U.S. Senate and House) to know and control every aspect of our private lives. 

To comply we self-report all income related life aspects. The IRS/code enables monitoring and manipulation, hence control of each of us. The Supreme Court decision on the 2010 Affordable Care Act upheld citing “power to tax,” adding control of medical life under tax policy. FairTax is ready-made to replace income tax and is the game changer. Look up FairTax, learn and join the fight to reverse government control of our lives.  FairTax replaces income tax and abolishes the IRS.


Ward Atcher



LCCI ‘not affiliated’ with TNT

Dear Editor:

This is to Friends of Limestone County Churches Involved Inc. (LCCI).

Recently, TNT Thrift Store has moved locations from North Jefferson Street to Highway 31. They began to display signage that prominently shows the letters LCCI.

Please note that we (Limestone County Churches Involved Inc.) are not affiliated with nor do we receive donations from TNT Thrift Store. We do not understand their usage of “LCCI” in this instance.

We do want the entire Limestone County Churches Involved Inc. support community to know how very much we appreciate their donations and advocacy. We provided over 4,000 sets of food to area families in 2012, along with over $70,000 in general assistance.  This would not have been possible without your gifts to LCCI.  You are a true example of Christ’s love at work in our community.  Thank you on behalf of all the volunteers at LCCI and especially those families we have assisted.


Tere Richardson

Board president

Limestone County Churches Involved Inc.   


Trinity coach deserves induction

Dear Editor:

A few years ago while speaking to a gentleman about Trinity High School, I was surprised to discover that he did not think that Coach H.B. Provience, the head coach at Trinity, was a good offensive coach. He mentioned that Provience had good defensive teams but you only had to teach people to hit somebody in order to be good defensively.

His idea of a good coach was someone who had the ability to develop and institute a good offensive system and he thought Coach Provience’s system was outdated by the time he, the gentleman, arrived at Trinity.

Well I always thought coach was an offensive genius and I told him so. He said that I was bias because I played for him. I agreed that I was bias because I was aware of all the good work Provience had done, however I promised him I would research the records and get back with him.

The record is skimpy but utilizing the Limestone Democrats, Athens News Courier, Decatur Daily, Trinity School newspapers, and oral conversations with former players I discovered that Provience may not have been a genius but he had a very good offensive mind and had strong offensive teams over several generations. As examples I offer the following:

In 1951, Provience’s fifth year as head coach, his Panthers defeated Courtland High School 67 to 0. I don’t care if you are playing the little sisters of the poor you have a very good offensive mind if your team scores 67 points.

Furthermore his team scored 116 points that season, the opposition scored 6 points and Trinity was undefeated.

Four years later, in 1955, Trinity defeated Tennessee Valley High from Hillsboro 41 to 0.

In 1958, Provience’s 12th year as head coach, his Panthers defeated Cherokee High School 52 to 0 and defeated Cherokee High School 33 to 0 and they were undefeated.

During the final game of that 1958 season the Panthers defeated Council High School from Huntsville 48 to 7. During the last three games of that season his teams scored 133 points and the opposition scored 6. That’s the mark of a good offensive coach.

Based on his record as the longest serving head football coach at Trinity and his great offensive mind, Coach Province belongs in the Limestone County Sports Hall of Fame.


Lt. Col. James L. Walker (retired)



Take care of wounded warriors

Dear Editor:

Our president wants to spend more money to pay for pre-K children’s schooling including equivalent day care expenses.  Just one more bill that has no funds to pay for it.  We have hundreds of thousands of service personnel that don’t get any real consideration for all they and their families sacrificed to protect our nation and its legal citizens at the direction of incompetent politicians.  We create dependency by giving money to those unqualified persons, who don’t want to work.  What about those warriors that return wounded for life and don’t ask for a handout, just an opportunity to survive like everyone else who has sacrificed nothing.

Anyone who has a problem with what soldiers do in Afghanistan is incapable of empathy. People want America to have a certain image when we fight and it isn’t always nice.

The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it (Thucydides, 460 – 395 B.C.).

Terrorists don’t give a damn about the Geneva Convention rules. Picking apart soldiers every move against a dark, twisted, rule-free enemy is more than ridiculous, it’s despicable.

We have many persons who are only too quick to indict our warriors if it can be made to look like they have transgressed some foreign terrorist’s rights and yet give nothing to them when they have completed their assignment and return to civilian life. We need the public to get real.

Why sacrifice hard working people’s family incomes to support high illegitimate births and high school dropout rates, resulting in more of the same and more crime.  Let’s reduce all the free social programs and free housing, food, utilities, medical attention, as a reward for continued bad judgment for generations of families.  Let’s take those funds and repair the lives of our brave, wounded, warriors that ask so little for so great a sacrifice.  These permanently impaired warriors lives will never be the same for they and their families, but they aren’t asking for a handout for nothing in return. They have already given a tremendous sacrifice and, in some cases, the ultimate sacrifice. Let’s provide fully for their needs.

Reduce our handouts and let’s get some community service from the nonworking welfare types.  They should perform some physical assistance to wounded warriors families instead of just sitting waiting for a handout.


Quentin D. Anderson Sr.