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October 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor 10/20/13

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Supports Fox News

Dear Editor:

I have always assumed at least one person in the state of Alabama watched MSNBC, but I was surprised he lives in Athens. No one watches that “news” station because they proudly admit their only reason to exist is to support President Obama.

They don't really cover the news. They “cover” for Obama. Fox News, on the other hand admits they lean a little to the right, but thank God they do. Since 95 percent of the media are hardcore liberals, there would be no way to get the truth without Fox News. Most of the American public understands this, which explains why Fox has more viewers than all the others combined.

If you want to drink Kool-Aid and hear nothing but lies and campaigning for the president and the Democrats, watch  MSNBC. If you want the truth, have a cup of tea and watch Fox News.

Let's talk about rich donors. The Koch brothers are native born U.S. citizens who live in Wichita, Kan. They donate millions to get out the truth about liberals ruining our country. But, the really big money comes from George Soros. He is from Hungary and is a socialist who wants our country to be socialist. He gives millions to the Democrats and other far-left causes.


Bruce Wilson