The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

March 25, 2014

Man accused of tapping roommate's bank account via borrowed cellphone

By Jean Cole

ATHENS — An Athens man accused of borrowing his roommate's cellphone and transferring money from his roommate's bank account to his own has been charged with felony theft, records show.

Athens Police arrested Wesley Pierre Johnson, 25, of 4501 Packard Drive, Antioch, Tenn., on a charge of first-degree theft of property, Capt. Trevor Harris reported.

Harris said Detective Jonathan Caldwell arrested Johnson Monday afternoon following an investigation into the theft of several thousands of dollars from the roommate.

"On Friday, March 14, while Johnson was borrowing his roommate's cell phone, Johnson noticed the victim was still logged into his mobile banking application. Johnson took the opportunity to transfer money from his roommate's account into his own account. He later withdrew the stolen money from his own account," Harris reported.