The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

February 5, 2014

UPDATE: Hogan lists goals if elected D-3 Limestone commissioner

By Jean Cole

— Hollis Hogan says he can count on one hand the number of Republicans running for local offices when he was elected Limestone County sheriff in 1978.

“Most everyone was a Democrat back then,” said Hogan who, like many Democrats of yesteryear, is running as a Republican for the District 3 seat on the Limestone County Commission.

“I have been voting Republican for a long time now,” said Hogan, who is a real estate agent and has owned Hogan Auction Co. since the 1960s.

Why he is running

If elected, Hogan said he will “represent as well as work” for residents of District 3.

“Being a resident of District 3 for the past 30 years, I drive on these roads regularly and see a lot of work that needs to be addressed,” said Hogan, an Elkmont native. “I intend to stay in close contact with the residents of this district, talk to them regarding their concerns of all county issues, consider their thoughts and input, and approach decisions in a conservative and timely manner.”

If no other candidates qualify to run in the race, Hogan and fellow Republican D-3 candidate Jason Black will face off in the Republican primary on June 3. James “Curtis” Turner is also seeking the D-3 but on the Democratic ticket. The winner will be decided in the Nov. 4 general election.


It was as a sheriff, from January 1979 to January 1983, that Hogan said he learned “that you have to budget and stay with it.”

Back then, Limestone County was half its current size of nearly 90,000 residents and the sheriff’s department had 11 deputies, three investigators and a budget of only about $600,000, he said. As sheriff, he also learned to listen and to respond to complaints even if they initially seemed frivolous. He said that quality is needed in a county commissioner.

“A problem to them may not seem like a problem to you, but you need to have someone getting input from the people instead of someone doing things on their own,” he said.

As for specific issues like road maintenance and safety, Hogan says there are many roads in District 3 that need minor repairs but he also sees many roads that need updated marking and striping to ensure safety.

Hogan is married to Glenda Hogan, and has grown children, grandchildren and a sister, Sandra Garris, who lives in District 1.