The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

March 14, 2013

Tanner community raising money for title rings

By Kim West

— The Tanner community has formed a fellowship of the rings in an effort to raise $12,000 for the reigning state championship football and basketball programs.

The Tanner High School boys track team won state last spring, and received championship rings with assistance from the school’s football booster club. But then the Rattlers’ football team won the Class 2A state title in December, and the boys basketball team claimed a state championship earlier on March 1.

The price tag for the football rings, which are expected to arrive by late March, is approximately $17,000, while the basketball jewelry will cost $7,000.

The school has raised nearly $12,000 toward the cost of more than 50 rings for the football program through donations and sales of Tanner-themed items.

“We still have a deficit from the football rings, which should be here in a couple of weeks. We want to include everyone involved with the programs,” said Principal Billy Owens, who coached the Rattlers’ boys basketball team that won the 1986 state title but could not afford championship rings. “Another good problem that we’re glad to have cropped up about 12 days ago when the boys basketball team won state. We’re looking at raising another $7,000 for those rings.