The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

January 1, 2013

1 of 6 deported felons had convictions in Limestone

By Jean Cole

— One of six men recently indicted by a federal grand jury for re-entering the United States after being deported had two felony drug convictions in Limestone County, records show.

Arturo Fernando Arizpe-Torres, age unknown; Salvador Mendoza-Chavez, age unknown; Francisco Gallegos-Trujillo, 20; Gerardo Arturo Arguello-Canela, 43; and Roberto Vargas, 38, all of Mexico; and Manuel Rodriguez-Bejar, 30, of Guatemala, where charged in six separate indictments for illegal re-entry, according to U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance. 

Arturo Arizpe-Torres, who is listed as Arturo Fernando Arispe through Limestone County records, has been convicted for using multiple names for identification including Arizpe-Torres, according to Limestone County Jail records. He also pleaded guilty to trafficking in marijuana in 2004 and to manufacturing a controlled substance in 2009, both local cases, jail records show. The Sheriff’s Department in Douglasville, Ga., recently held him on a Limestone warrant and he was picked up in Georgia on Nov. 14 by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, records show. Limestone jail records also list him as being Hispanic, born in New York but federal authorities say he is from Mexico.

The maximum penalty for illegal re-entry of a previously deported alien is two years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The prison sentence may be enhanced to a 20-year maximum for illegal re-entry of an alien who was previously deported following conviction of an aggravated felony.

Others indicted

Mendoz-Chavez was found in Bibb County on Nov. 19 after having been deported to Mexico in June 1997 from Calexico, Calif., and in March 2006 from Nogales, Ariz.

Gallegos-Trujillo was found in Shelby County on Nov. 27 after having been deported to Mexico in September 2011 from Brownsville, Texas, and from Douglas, Ariz., in October 2011.

Arguello-Canela, also known as Gerardo Arturo Arguello, Gerardo Arturo Arguello-Ganela, Juan Ortiz, and “Gordo,” was found in Jackson County on Dec. 1 after having been deported to Mexico in November 2011 from Brownsville. He was deported following his Sept. 28, 2011, felony conviction in Jackson County Circuit Court for possession of a controlled substance.

Vargas, also known as Roberto Vargas Hernandez, Alberto Hernandez and Roberto H. Vargas, was found in Blount County Dec. 6 after having been deported to Mexico in June 2002 from Brownsville.

Rodriguez-Bejar, also known as Thomas Jose Ramirez, Tomas Miguel, Manuel Bejar, Manuel Rodriges, Tomas Miguel Sanchez, Tomas Jose Chavez, Hernesto Gonzalez Hernandez, Tomas Francisco and Miguel Pedro-Tomas, was found in Etowah County Sept. 2 after being deported to Guatemala in October 2004 from Phoeniz, Ariz., and from New Orleans in January 2009.