The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

October 14, 2012

Election 2012: Q&A with District 4 County Commission incumbent Bill Daws

The News Courier

Name: Bill Daws

Age: 53

Occupation: District 4 commissioner

Education: Graduate West Limestone High School; two years at Calhoun Community College

Previous political experience: 10 years as District 4 county commissioner

Community involvement: RSVP board member, associate member of the Vietnam Veterans, Council on Aging volunteer and fundraiser, active with volunteer fire departments

Personal: Son, Heath Daws and daughter, Dr. Laura Beth Daws

The News Courier: Do you feel your political party affiliation has any bearing on the duties of a county commissioner? Why or why not?  

Bill Daws: No. As a county commissioner, I believe that any decision that I make should not be based on any political affiliation, but rather on what is in the best interest of the people of Limestone County.

NC: The County Commission has recently discussed switching to a unit system, which would combine district funds and equipment. Under this system, road and bridgework would be assigned by the county engineer based on greatest need. Are you in favor of this change? Why or why not?

Daws: No. As the peoples’ representative of my district, it is my responsibility to oversee the daily operations, management of funding, maintenance of equipment for daily use and emergency operations. I do not believe this responsibility should be put on one person for the whole county.

The centralizing of equipment may appear to save money by purchasing less equipment, but I believe it would cost more money to stretch the personnel and equipment from one location. As an elected official I am responsible to the citizens of my district to perform the duties of my position, to the best of my ability and I do not believe that the citizens in all of the districts can be properly served.

Their needs will not be adequately provided for if we lack the resources to do so. Ultimately, I will support the wants and needs of the voters of Limestone County and therefore believe that a decision as important as this should be voted on by and for the people.

NC: What do you feel is the greatest need in Limestone County that has not been previously discussed by the County Commission? 

Daws: I believe that the County Commission is, has discussed and planned for the greater needs of Limestone County. I would like to see more community involvement in the governing direction of the county and would encourage all citizens to make their concerns known.

NC: Why should the voters of District 4 elect you as their county commissioner over your opponent? 

Daws: I have more than 10 years of quality service to my district. This has allowed me to cultivate working relationships with state and federal officials and agencies. As a result of this, I have been able to secure and maintain the funding and resources to increase the quality of life and safety of the citizens of my district.

Past and ongoing projects include: two completed community storm shelters and one applied for; repaired and maintained the existing shelter at West Limestone High School; the turn lane at Owens Elementary School; secured $5,648,102.95 in road resurfacing; new guardrails; bridge repairs; built a new senior center in the Owens community and secured the funds to install a walking trail there; and upgraded the senior center at Good Springs.

In a countywide effort to attract new industry and jobs, I had a direct role in bringing these new opportunities to the citizens of District 4 and Limestone County. I have now and always will be personally available to hear and address the concerns of the people of my district.