The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

March 16, 2013

Teacher struck while breaking up student fight

Incident under review by Central Office

By Kim West

— Two Ardmore High School students were involved in a fight Friday on school grounds that caused a teacher to be struck while breaking up the altercation.

The male Ardmore teacher “is OK,” according to reports, and the students were disciplined by the school.

The Limestone County Schools student handbook states the minimum punishment for physical harm to a person or threatened physical harm will result “in no less than an outside suspension.”

When reached for comment Saturday, Superintendent Dr. Tom Sisk confirmed it was his understanding the teacher was not seriously harmed.

Fighting is classified as a Class III violation. Any violation of the school system’s zero-tolerance drugs, weapons or fighting policies is subject to an automatic review by the Central Office, which could decide to refer the students to the Board of Education for a student hearing.

The Ardmore school resource officer handled the incident, Sisk said, and charges were not filed with the Ardmore Police Department. However, the superintendent said the teacher has the right to file charges against the students, and would have the full support of the Central Office.

“Anytime a student strikes a teacher, even if it is by mistake, it is taken very seriously,” Sisk said. “The teacher had told the students several times to stop. If a teacher gets hit while trying to stop a fight, there are going to be serious consequences. Students have to respect the authority of our teachers.”