The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

March 3, 2013

Respect pledge of allegiance

The News Courier

— I am writing to you about something that some people do that might be disrespectful. The thing I am talking about is when people do not say the pledge of allegiance.

I am a big supporter of the military and I think it is not right not to get up and say a few words we all learned in kindergarten to respect the men and women who fight and die for our country. I understand that it is against the law to make someone say the pledge, but you can make people and students be silent as others say the pledge. Another thing is to make them be quiet during the moment of silence.

One year in my P.E. class when I would say the pledge, because not many others did, people would talk and carry on conversations. In my U.S. history class my teacher who is ex--military does make people be quiet during the pledge and also makes them stand up.

I think about people who don’t say the pledge, and think that they must take for granted the freedom we have in our country. Other countries do not have the freedom and pleasures we have, and I think some people don’t understand that.

I know many people who were in the military and not one of them doesn’t say the pledge and aren’t quiet when there is a moment of silence. My scoutmaster was in the Navy and sometimes when the pledge is being said he gets tears in his eyes because he saw men die and he himself was in a hummer that was hit by an IED.

I think anyone who lives in the U.S. should say the pledge. I love my country and always say the pledge.

Thank you for listening.


Alex Blankenship

Boy Scout Troop 221