The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

February 29, 2012

Improvement at Athens-Limestone Hospital will soon yield benefits

The News Courier

— It has been a year of progress and improvements at Athens-Limestone Hospital.  

All of which, will yield great benefits for patients and staff.  The renovation of the emergency department is on track and is scheduled to be completed March 31.  The expanded waiting area will now seat 52, and the added square footage will improve patient flow.  The improved portico allows more shelter for drop-offs and an additional ambulance bay. 

Beyond the waiting room, the hospital has added a second triage room and a rear waiting room for patients waiting on test results. The new design increases visibility from the waiting room to the triage area.  For more added comfort and convenience for patients, the restrooms have been converted into family restrooms, a children’s area has be added as well as an expanded bereavement room.  All of these improvements and added services will ensure continued high patient satisfaction scores.

“Once all of the emergency department renovations are complete, it’s likely that more staff will be added as we anticipate additional volume,” said Kelli Powers, CEO.  In addition to physical improvements to the emergency department, there is always an ongoing push to decrease wait times for patients.  “We have good wait times now, but we want to improve that,” she said.  “These improvements we have made will help us to achieve our goal.”

Other improvements to the hospital include a new roof, an expanded emergency sprinkler system and upgrades to the common areas and lobbies.  These improvements will serve to enhance Athens-Limestone Hospital's extremely clean facility, which currently has one of the lowest infection rates in the state.   “We want everyone in Limestone County to discover the difference in our hometown hospital and to leave with a positive experience,” Powers said.