The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

September 4, 2013

Area convicted killers subject of Investigation Discovery series, 'Evil Twins'

By Jean Cole

— The notorious Bondurant twins — 58-year-old brothers convicted in three separate murders in Pulaski, Tenn., in 1991  — will be featured in an upcoming episode of the television show “Evil Twins.”

The killing spree of Pete and Pat Bondurant still horrifies residents of the Tennessee Valley who remember testimony about the grusome details of the murders.

In 1990, Pat's wife, Denise, told investigators what she knew of three separate murders that occurred in1986, prompting investigators to charge the twins the cases. Denise was granted immunity from prosecution for her information and for her testimony at the twins'  trials. Together, the brothers were convicted of second-degree murder in 1991 in connection with the slaying of Gwen Dugger, 24, of Ardmore, who was last seen near Pat’s rented house near Shady Lawn Truck Stop north of Elkton, Tenn., on May 30, 1986. They were accused of drugging her, raping her, murdering her and burning her body in a 55-gallon drum, crushing her remains and dumping them in the Elk River. Her family identified a piece of a hightop tennis shoe found with the pink diaper pin Dugger wore attached to it.

Pat was convicted in the 1986 murder of Ronnie Gaines and for arson for burning Gaines' home. Pete was also convicted of helping dismember Gaines and to burn his home. Gaines’ skull fragments were found in May 1990 outside the back of a rural Lawrence County home belonging to the Bondurant brothers’ parents, leading to the brothers being charged with the murders. Gaines, an employee of Pulaski Rubber Co., was last seen leaving work Oct. 17, 1986, with Pat, a co-worker.

Pete was also convicted in the 1986 death of a former girlfriend, Terry Lynn Clark.

Pete is schedule for release from Tennessee's Riverbend Maximum Security Prison in 2018 and Pat in 2070.

Coming this fall/winter

The “Evil Twins” story of the Bondurant brothers would likely air on the television show Investigation Discovery sometime in November or December, according to Lauren Fleming, associate producer of Sirens Media. They are compiling information for the story as well as video and still photographs. 

A previous episode of "Evil Twins" already featured the cases of Betty Wilson and her twin sister, Peggy Lowe. Wilson was convicted of killing her doctor husband, Jack Wilson, in Huntsville in 1992. Lowe was accused of helping her sister in the plot but was acquitted. 

The "Evil Twins" series follows true-crime mysteries involving twins who either kill together, turn on each other, or represent good versus evil, according to the show’s website at