The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

April 26, 2013

Calhoun holds mock emergency drills

By Jean Cole

Editor’s note: Calhoun Community College students pretended to be victims of a campus shooting during a mass-casualty exercise on the campus Thursday. The story that follows depicts the drill. No one was killed or injured.

Shortly before noon Thursday, a gunman reportedly opened fire on students in a Calhoun Community College building before turning the gun on himself.

Inside the lobby of the Aerospace Training Center at the south end of the campus, nearly 25 bullet-ridden, bloodied students — draped across carpet, floor and benches— moaned or begged for help. Strewn about them on the floor were overturned tables and dozens of empty, brass shell casing from a gunman now dead. 

Among the victims were two obviously expectant mothers. One of them spoke only Spanish but her pleas for help were clear. Other victims, who did not move, had clearly suffered serious gunshot wounds. One of them, a young woman laying facedown on a carpet with brain matter scattered about the floor near her head. She would later be covered with a white sheet, along with at least three others, to indicate she was dead.