The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

March 21, 2013

Red Cross opens up

By Rebecca Croomes

— The Limestone County Red Cross building on Armory Street in Athens is not much to look at from the outside — it’s a modest structure stuck next to the Athens City Schools bus garage.

But North Alabama District Executive Mary Moreillon said it’s the least important part of who they are.

“People usually think of, ‘well, it’s a building,’ but we’re more about ‘it’s the people,’” she said. “We take services to the people — and that’s why this is important.”

Moreillon and crew are in charge of coordinating Red Cross activities in Limestone County. They welcomed the community to learn about their services and volunteer opportunities during an open house Wednesday.

“And the reason we’re doing the open house is we want to let the community know that the Red Cross is here, alive and well,” Moreillon said. “We’re just trying to let the community know that you may not see us all the time, but we’re out there serving Limestone County every day.”