The News Courier in Athens, Alabama

November 8, 2013

DOD unveils Korean War Memorial virtual tour, e-resources

By Budd McLaughlin

— If anyone wants to view and experience the Korean War Memorial but a trip to the nation’s capital is too daunting, there is a virtual tour available, thanks to the Department of Defense 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial Virtual Walking Tour — — is the first electronic “visit” to a war memorial. The virtual tour, a Korean War Wiki, a Korean War e-encyclopedia, oral histories of Korean War veterans and other resource materials about the war can be accessed with an iPhone, Android, iPad or other mobile devices.

“Korean War veterans and others who want to learn more about the war can now access a wealth of information including videos electronically, regardless if they are at home on a desktop computer or traveling with a smart phone or another mobile device,” said Lt. Col. Tim Washington, administrative director of the committee. “We want veterans and, in particular, young people to take advantage of all of the electronic resources that are now at their fingertips.”

The Korean War Wiki is an interactive site where visitors can share stories, leave messages of thanks and remember those who have passed. The e-encyclopedia helps research topics such as the Chosin Reservoir battle, women in the Korean War, the first use of jet fighters in combat, the integration of the military during the war, medical advances and others.

“The Korean War Veterans Memorial Virtual Walking Tour provides a visitor the ability to move 360 degrees around the memorial and view the large statues from a variety of vantage points and the wall with the names of the allied nations that fought in the war,” said Washington.

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