Members of a unique construction crew worked Wednesday to erect the dome that will enclose the antennae for WAFF Channel 48’s Doppler radar on U.S. 72 in what was the parking lot of Bethel Church of Christ.

The previous dome and radar were destroyed April 27 by the EF5 tornado that struck Limestone County. The church also was destroyed, though no one inside was injured.

Todd Long, marketing director at WAFF, said the replacement radar is stronger and will allow for better storm warnings. Dave Nadler with the National Weather Service said Limestone County is covered by several NWS radar located across North Alabama but having increased coverage from the WAFF radar is an aid for storm watchers.

Long said the two parts of the tower should be connected today or Friday and then final wiring and testing will be done before the radar becomes active.

“I think (this radar) is vitally important,” Long said. “We learned from what happened in April how quickly storms can pop up and how much damage they can do. Minutes are vital in situations like this.”

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