John Wahl

Alabama Republican Chairman John Wahl.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl was re-elected to a second two-year term as Chairman at the ALGOP Winter Meeting in Birmingham on Saturday.

Chairman Wahl received the unanimous support of the 400+ member State Executive Committee – the governing body of the ALGOP – and was elected by acclimation.

“I am incredibly humbled by the support of my fellow committee members, and the trust they have put in me. I look forward to working with them, as well as our County Parties and Auxiliary organizations, to promote and defend our Conservative values. The Alabama Republican Party has had an amazing two years, and I am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together during my second term,” said Chairman Wahl.

“I would also like to thank so many of my friends and family for their support. It’s not always easy being in the spotlight, and I am blessed to have so many people standing by my side. I especially want to thank the ALGOP staff for their hard work. They help make my vision a reality, and I am grateful for what they do,” he continued.

During his first term in office, Chairman Wahl led the Party to new heights in Alabama, hosting the record breaking Trump Rally in Cullman – the largest political event in state history with more than 50,000 attendees – and flipping 50 seats in the 2022 election cycle, many in rural and minority areas where the Party had not traditionally been competitive.

Additional Party accomplishments under his tenure include:

Working with Republican members of the state legislature to pass several Conservative bills, such as the COVID Vaccine Passport Ban, election reform bills, Constitutional Carry, and measures protecting Alabama children from out of touch woke policies.

Filing amicus briefs with the US Supreme Court in support of the Alabama’s 2020 redistricting process, which the High Court upheld in the state’s favor.

Establishing the ALGOP Minority Outreach team led by the first African-American Republican elected to the State Legislature since reconstruction.

Recruiting high profile Republican leaders to visit the State of Alabama – including former President Donald Trump, Governor Kristi Noem, and Governor Ron DeSantis.

A prolific fundraiser, Chairman Wahl has raised over $2.8 million for the ALGOP since he was elected in 2021 – helping the Republican Party have the resources needed to win more elections and increase political influence.

He has also earned the respect of his fellow Republican National Committee members, who elected him RNC Vice Chairman for the Southern Region at the RNC Winter Meeting last month.

“I am excited for what the future holds for the Republican Party, both in Alabama and across the country. People want change. Our families are struggling under the weight of inflation, lower wages, and so many other flawed policies coming out of the Biden Administration. We need leaders who will put the American people first, and defend the way of life our founding fathers envisioned for our great nation. As Chairman, I promise to continue the fight to protect our rights and freedoms, and preserve our Conservative values and standards for future generations,” said Chairman Wahl.

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