The Athens High School Golden Eagles will welcome two new assistant principals to their ranks this year. Michael Holt, an educator for 18 years, and Carla Parker, an educator for 20 years.

Michael Holt

Holt, who has served in numerous roles in Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas, is coming to AHS from Clements High School where he served as a special education teacher and head basketball coach.

“At first, I wanted to coach high school sports and impact student-athletes in this capacity. Some of my biggest mentors and influences were the coaches I have had over time. Next, I realized there were children out there that didn’t have the same opportunities that I had and there was something holding them back. I wanted to give them hope and inspire them to grow in character and act on their endeavors,” said Holt.

Holt hopes to connect with his students on a personal level.

“My individual goal is to learn about each student here on a personal level and build those relationships. Along with Mr. Moore and staff, I want the students to have opportunities here to find classes and/or extra-curricular activities they love, build lifelong friendships, and be prepared to further their education or enter the workforce as a successful community member.”

He went on to say, “I hope each student has a hunger for learning in a safe and supportive environment and takes pride as a Golden Eagle.”

Carla Parker

According to Parker who is a product of the influence of many educators, education is part of her DNA.

“I wanted to be a change agent in forming, transforming, impacting, and creating a pathway for students for lifelong learning. When I entered the field of education, I thought that I was a superwoman. It was an opportunity to impact the lives of learners, even if it was one learner at a time,” said Parker.

Parker told The News Courier she wishes to support Principal Willie Moore and to be a leader for faculty, staff, and students while completing her assigned duties and responsibilities throughout the school year.

“I will continue advocating for the mission to provide students with a secure, safe, structured, and stimulating learning environment. My quest will continue in striving to promote a positive school culture and model a growth mindset for continuous improvement for students and faculty,” said Parker.

She went on to say, “In order for these goals and plans to be accomplished, I will build relationships with faculty, staff, and students. To include getting acclimated to the culture, gaining knowledge on what is already being done in AHS. Work to promote a shared vision in which teachers, students, parents and community stakeholders work together to prepare students to successfully continue their education journey.”

Parker believes the Golden Eagles can soar this school year and, as an assistant principal, she will advocate for her students’ success.

“As Golden Eagles, my hope is for our students to soar in achieving their goals and aspirations. Realizing that FAILURE is not an option. In spite of the adversities that they face, it is my goal to help them to navigate their options and achieve success,” said Parker in an email.

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