The Perfect Hamburger

The Perfect Hamburger

Limestone County weekly food/lodging establishment ratings from the Limestone County Health Department for the week March 6-10. The report includes critical items history.

Jiffy Food Store, 716 E. Hobbs Street, Athens- 85

• Multiple prepared food items held over 24 hours without dates, or past their discard dates

• No one present with manager’s course until partway through inspection. No vomit and diarrhea policy available.

Mozza Pizza LLC, 202 S. Jefferson St., Athens- 90

• Dish machine uses chlorine sanitizer, no chlorine test strips available.

• Several food products- chicken, marinara- held over 24 hours without any dates.

Athens Mini Mart (Marathon Gas)- 1100 Hwy 72 E, Athens- 92

• No paper towels at food prep hand sink. No toilet paper in restroom.

La Morelense LLC, 1102 Hwy 72 Suite A, Athens- 92

• Chicken held at 57 degrees, cream at room temperature

• Upon return, chicken, pork 38-40 degrees- abated

Kid’s Journey Child Development, 1105 Annie Ruth Jamar St., Athens- 94

Walmart #661 (Bakery), 1011 Hwy 72 E, Athens- 94

• No water at front hand sink

Suzanne’s Bakery and Eatery, 1207 E. Forrest St., Athens- 95

Tighten Up Records LLC, 22230 Mooresville Road, Athens- 96

Canebrake Club LLC, 23015 Founders Circle, Athens- 98

Taqueria El Cazador #5 (commissary), 30030 Hwy 72 W, Madison- 98

Walmart #661 (Deli), 1011 Hwy 72 E, Athens- 98

Sleep Inn- CB, 1115 Audubon Lane, Athens- 99

Taqueria El Cazador #5 (mobile), 30030 Hwy 72 W, Madison- 99

Fairfield Inn and Suites, 21282 Athens Limestone, Athens- 100

Blue Springs Elementary School, 16787 Hardy Road, Athens- 100

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