For many writers, writer's block is as dreadful as the light-bulb moment that cracks it is beautiful. Emily Craig experienced both as she was putting together her latest work, "Will You Love Me Again?"

The story focuses on Lucy and David, a pair of high school sweethearts with what at first glance seems to be the perfect marriage, and just how quickly a fairy tale can fall apart.

Emily Craig

Emily Craig, an Athens poet, recently released her debut novel, "Will You Love Me Again?", now available through Dorrance Publishing, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Craig said she got the idea for a story about teenagers in love and managed to get the start of Lucy and David's story on paper, but "then I hit a huge road block." Luckily, inspiration struck while the then-college student was in class one day, and the idea took off from there.

"The book was kind of inspired by everything I went through while writing it," Craig said. "I actually fell in love for the first time while writing the book, and that influences my characters' real life."

The story may be her debut novel, but Craig said she has been writing from personal experience for years and hopes it makes it more real for her readers. One of her fifth-grade teachers pushed her to get into writing, and she's been hooked ever since.

"It's the best way to get my emotions out," Craig said. "I overthink a lot, and being able to write it down and put in poetry form or novel form helps, as all my characters are based on someone."

Craig has self-published six poetry collections so far. The 24-year-old thought "Will You Love Me Again?" would end up a one-off, but reviewers have praised the book, giving it an average rating of 4 stars on Goodreads. Many said they were expected something much different, with one saying she was surprised to even find it in a romance section.

"Will You Love Me Again?"

"Will You Love Me Again?" is the debut novel from self-published Athens poet Emily Craig.

"It's a look at how quickly love can be taken, and how it can change how you see the world," Craig said. "You think everything's perfect, and then bam! Something changes."

Readers can visit Dorrance Publishing, Barnes & Noble or Amazon online to purchase a copy of the book. Visit for more information on Craig and the upcoming sequel, "Where Will We Go?"

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