Ground Kisser

Huntsville author Thanh Boyer will read from her book, “The Ground Kisser,” and sign copies at an upcoming event in Athens.

Boyer will appear at High Cotton Arts at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 11. High Cotton is at 113 W. Washington St. in Athens. The event will also feature readings by other authors.

“The Ground Kisser” is the first book published by Boyer, who graduated from Athens High School in 1989. She penned the work with Lisa Worthey Smith, a Bible student who is a published author.

“The Ground Kisser” is about Boyer’s journey as a young girl from South Vietnam, which was ruled by the Khmer Rouge regime from 1975 to 1979. Boyer and several members of her family fled on a packed boat bound for Australia, but the boat was robbed by pirates and its occupants were left for dead.

The book chronicles how she and her family were saved and ultimately wound up in Athens, Alabama. It also explains how she and her family members were helped by members of the community, which ultimately led her to discover Christianity.

A profile on Boyer is in the latest edition of The News Courier’s Faith & Family magazine, which is available now at the newspaper’s office at 410 W. Green St. and at various locations in the Athens-Limestone community.

For those who can’t attend the Aug. 11 reading, “The Ground Kisser” is also available on Amazon.

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