Sweet Grown Alabama, the state’s agricultural branding program, has launched its new online searchable database and website at www.sweetgrownalabama.org. 

Consumers looking to buy locally grown products are encouraged to visit the website and search for farmers in their area. Each farmer profile features products grown, location, social media links, website links and how to purchase products. 

“Now more than ever, consumers want to buy local and support local farmers,” said Sweet Grown Alabama Director Ellie Watson. “Our program timeline has always included a May website launch, but we are excited to provide this service to consumers who have a heightened desire for local products during COVID-19.” 

Farmer profiles also feature a snapshot of the farm’s story and any special growing practices. Database search parameters can be set by zip code or agricultural commodity, enabling consumers to search by location or products. 

“The mission of Sweet Grown Alabama is to connect farmers and families, and this database does just that,” said Watson. “When you purchase Sweet Grown Alabama products, you get better quality, better health benefits and help the state’s economy. You know who is growing your products and how they are being grown. It’s really a win-win for consumers and farmers.”

In addition to the searchable database, consumers will find farmer profiles, recipes and resources on the new Sweet Grown Alabama program website. 

Farmers, restaurants, markets and stores that wish to be listed in the database can apply online by clicking the “Join Now” button at  www.sweetgrownalabama.org for Sweet Grown Alabama Membership. 

In addition to inclusion in the database, members can utilize the Sweet Grown Alabama logo on their products and take advantage of marketing support. Any product grown in Alabama or made with at least 50 percent Alabama grown ingredients is eligible to bear the logo and be featured in the online database. 

About Sweet Grown Alabama

Sweet Grown Alabama is a non-profit foundation that enhances marketing opportunities for Alabama farmers by connecting retailers and consumers to Alabama-grown foods and other agricultural products. Farmers, product makers, restaurants, retailers and others are encouraged to join the branding program and use the Sweet Grown Alabama logo on their locally grown products.

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