Graham Aderholt

Athens Middle School Principal Graham Aderholt speaks by phone Monday to a parent as part of an effort to make 100 encouraging phone calls in recognition of the 100th school day of the year.

Athens Middle School recently celebrated the 100th day of school with 100 encouraging phone calls to parents, according to a press release.

“We are focusing on building positive relationships with our students, and this was one idea that was a perfect fit,” said AMS Principal Graham Aderholt. “In the world we live in today, we often hear more negative than positive. We wanted to be intentional on the 100th day to make positive phone calls to parents about our students. Our hope is that a sincere call home today from a teacher, counselor or administrator will give a student and family a sense of encouragement moving forward for this school year.”

The release said “Athens City Schools prides itself on being a community connected by education and believes that small yet meaningful moments can make a big difference for students and for the community.”

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