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Limestone County Sheriff’s Investigator Josh McLaughlin, left, and Investigator Randy Burroughs show off the moonshine still and accoutrements they found during a bust Thursday near Ardmore

Acting on a tip, Limestone County Sheriff’s deputies confiscated a moonshine still, a jar of mash, bottles of stout beverage, a bag of pot and one sparse marijuana plant, then arrested their alleged owner Thursday near Ardmore.

Jason Lee Scott, 32, of 25910 Rooker Lane, off Oak Grove Road, was arrested and charged with possession of prohibited liquor, operating a whiskey still and possession of marijuana.

He remained in the Limestone County Jail Thursday night. Bond had not been set.

Investigators Josh McLaughlin and Randy Burroughs, Reserve Officer Matthew Hayes and Lt. Brad Curnutt raided the property around 1 p.m. and found an inactive beer keg-style moonshine still in pieces on the property along with a jar of mash, a jar of liquor-soaked cherries, various bottles of strong beverages, three empty 50-gallon wooden barrels believed to have recently contained finished product as well as a bag of pot and a spindly marijuana plant.

“He was making wine and then adding rye to make moonshine,” Burroughs said. “We believe he was using it (the still) within the last day.”

When investigators arrived, they asked Scott if he had been making whiskey and he said he had not, Burroughs said. He allowed investigators to look around, at which time they found pieces of the still.

“It wasn’t active, but if you put the pieces together they made a still,” Burroughs said.

Investigators believe the barrels found at the scene had contained moonshine but had been recently emptied because the odor of alcohol remained.

According to Burroughs, moonshiners sometimes manufacture their product in unsanitary conditions, which could cause illness or death, and a still could explode and injure those nearby.

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