An Athens pallet business is facing a $5,000 civil penalty for unauthorized open burning, records show. But, a public comment period will come first before a ruling is made. 

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management recently issued a proposed administrative order for C&M Pallets LLC.

On June 11, ADEM received a complaint of unauthorized burning at 13800 Mooresville Road, according to an ADEM report. During a June 13 investigation, an ADEM inspector observed unauthorized open burning of wood pallets by C&M. Shingles and plastic were also found near the burn site. The C&M manager was contacted and instructed to cease open burning.

On June 18, ADEM received two more complaints of unauthorized open burning at the site, according to the report. During a June 20 investigation, the inspector observed evidence of additional unauthorized open burning, which included metal pipes. The investigator spoke with Mike Bell, C&M owner, and again instructed the business to cease unauthorized open burning.

Under ADEM rules, only vegetation and untreated wood may be burned. Materials that cannot be burned include heavy oils, asphalt products, plastics, vinyl materials, insulation, paper, cardboard, natural or synthetic rubber, salvage or scrap materials, chemicals, garbage and treated or painted wood.

ADEM is proposing a $5,000 civil penalty for the alleged violations.

On Nov. 27, the agency set a 30-day public comment period on the proposed penalty. The public may send comments to Alabama Department of Environmental Management,

Attn: Ronald W. Gore, chief of Air Division, P.O. Box 301463, Montgomery, AL 36130-1463.

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