Calhoun Community College will be working with Decatur and campus police to conduct its annual mass casualty drill from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday in and around the Visual Arts building at the Alabama Center for the Arts located at 133 Second Ave. NE in downtown Decatur.

The mock disaster will include a simulation of an active shooter on campus, according to a release from the college.

“The specific scenario of the mock disaster has not been announced to preserve the 'realness' of the event,” the school said. “Over the last several years, mock drill scenarios have included a bomb threat, bus crash, threat to persons/property as well as an active shooter incident.”

Calhoun said notices have gone out to both students, faculty and local public safety officials so the drill is not confused with a real situation.

“The annual Mass Casualty Incident drill is a vital form of training, for not only our students but our faculty and staff as well,” Calhoun Interim President Joe Burke said. “One can never prepare enough for the 'unthinkable,' so we create these types of situations to ensure our students who are pursuing careers in the public safety and health fields receive the best form of real-life training during high-stress situations.”

The event is coordinated between Calhoun and multiple outside public health and safety agencies for the benefit of students going into related fields.

“Many hospitals and academic accreditations now desire this type of training to document the level of training employees and students receive while employed/enrolled,” the college said.

People on campus should expect a high volume of emergency responders on cam,pus during the drill. Warning signs will be posted warning of the active simulation in progress.

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