Carly White

Name: Carly White

School: Cedar Hill Elementary

Grade(s) taught: 1st

Subject(s) taught: Elementary

Post secondary education: University of North Alabama — Bachelors and Masters

How many years have you been teaching? 3

How many of those are with Limestone County Schools? 3

What led you to choose your career path in education? Throughout college, I prayed for guidance in the field that I would enter. I always knew I wanted to help people, but I did not know exactly what that would look like. I was provided with the opportunity to start teaching a preschool Sunday School class at my church. After doing this for several months, I kept being asked if I was going to be a teacher. After months of praying and an abundance of opportunities to work with children, I felt like this is what I was called to do.

Educators have faced a lot of adversity lately. What is one way you have grown professionally? One way I have grown professionally is learning how to differentiate within my classroom. This year, I have several different students with several different needs with different learning backgrounds. I am having to learn how to work with each individual student to determine what strategy helps them the most.

What do you enjoy most about working for Limestone County Schools? The thing that I love the most about Limestone County Schools would be the people. I would not be able to make it without my coworkers. My coworkers have helped me, loved me, and cared for me throughout my time with them. They have been there through personal matters and given me advice professionally.

What is one thing you have accomplished that you are most proud of? I am most proud of being able to help students grow emotionally, socially, and academically. Also, I am proud of completing my masters within one year while being a first grade teacher.

Favorite book? “Redeeming Love”

Favorite hobby outside of teaching? Watching sports, playing with my dogs, and embroidering.

What piece of advice do you always give your students? That they are loved and I believe in them.

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