Limestone County Schools Superintendent Dr. Barry L. Carroll has received the Alabama School Communicators Association “Superintendent of the Year” Award.

Carroll was honored recently at the annual ASCA Conference in Birmingham.

The award is named for Dr. Joyce Sellers, former superintendent of the Tuscaloosa County School System. It is presented annually to honor and recognize one Alabama superintendent for leadership, vision, commitment, and service in promoting better communications in public education throughout the state.

“It was a tremendous honor to receive this award, especially since the award is named after Dr. Sellers,” said Carroll. “She was truly an outstanding superintendent and a quality person. Although she and I never worked for the same school system, she was always willing to assist me and provide guidance related to school and school system issues, problems and concerns. She was a dear friend, professional mentor and an extraordinary administrator.

“I appreciate the ASCA organization selecting me for this award. Although the award was presented to me, it is truly for everyone associated with the Limestone County School System. We have great employees who work hard and are dedicated to children of Limestone County. Our employees understand the importance of communicating effectively in a large organization like our district.”

Carroll takes the lead in communicating with more than 1,000 employees by sending emails on a weekly basis. His emails may include directives, information, or the “Quote of the Week” that he sends out to everyone on Monday mornings.

Jason Braly, a teacher at Creekside Elementary School, spoke highly of Dr. Carroll when he stated, “Just when it seems as though it might be just another Monday, Dr. Carroll sends his ‘quote of the week.’ It’s amazing, but just a sentence or two can change one’s whole outlook on teaching and life. I am very grateful for Dr. Carroll and his desire to help us all be the best we can be.”

Barry Daniel, a social studies teacher and head football coach at Clements High School, said, “Dr. Carroll has a gift for communication. Not only does he keep the staff informed of what is going on in the schools, but he also has a unique method of getting the point across. Technology is not a barrier for him. I have found it to be very easy to work with him because he clearly expresses his expectations. He is a great example of a modern-day professional and someone by which I try to model my career.”

Not only does Carroll communicate effectively, he is easily accessible, school officials said. When he is out of the office, principals, directors, board members and members of the media can contact him 24 hours a day to discuss, issues, concerns or situations. He can also be contacted at any time by anyone via email by going to the Limestone County Schools Web site.

Billy Owens, principal of Tanner High School, said Carroll “communicates with me daily. Our principals feel that the communication lines between Dr. Carroll and us are always open. He likes for us to keep him informed about things going on in our schools.”

Carroll communicates with board members by email on a daily basis, by phone on a regular basis and through a “weekly mailing.”

He provides board members with the most current information, issues and data related to the school system.

“I believe Dr. Carroll works very hard to make sure every employee of the Limestone County School District is informed as to what is going on in our district,” said school board member John Wayne King. “As a board member, I feel I have a good awareness of what is going on in our schools, therefore, I am able to make better decisions as a result of the information received almost daily from Dr. Carroll.”

“The communication that takes place in our organization every day is overwhelming. I am amazed at the rate at which information flows today. It is only through the dedication and commitment of our principals, directors, faculty and staff members that we are able to utilize the most modern technology available to communicate effectively. I believe we in Limestone are on the cutting edge of communication through the use of technology,” said Carroll.

Carroll and his wife, Teresa Prichard Carroll, have been married for 26 years and they have three daughters: Laura Beth, 20, a senior at The University of Alabama; Mary Kathryn, 17, a junior at Clements High School; and Emily Grace, 12, a sixth grader at Clements High School.

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