County Commission

If all remaining details are worked out, the Limestone County Commission may vote Monday to finalize an agreement to transfer ownership of the Limestone County Event Center to the Alabama Veterans Museum.

At Wednesday's commission work session, county attorney Mark Maclin told commissioners there are still a few issues to be resolved, including questions about insurance on the property. He said the county also needs to decide on a closing date and when utilities would be transferred.

District 3 Commissioner Jason Black wanted assurance from Maclin the county would not be responsible for any maintenance or repairs to the event center once the property is deeded over to the museum. Maclin said once the deal is finalized, the museum would be solely responsible for maintenance and repairs.

The agreement also contains a clause stating if the museum decides to no longer use the property as a museum, ownership reverts back to Limestone County.

The commission may also vote Monday to seek financing on a new chip spreader, which County Engineer Marc Massey said would improve efficiency in the county's paving operations. The county's current chip spreader works, but Massey said replacement parts are getting scarce. He told commissioners he would like to sell it while it still has value and put the proceeds toward other equipment.

The new spreader would cost the county $62,000 per year under a five-year loan. He explained it would work well with existing equipment and match the width of an asphalt distributor.

Massey said it would take about eight weeks to receive the new chip spreader, so he urged the commission to move quickly on obtaining financing.

Road projects dominated most of the discussion Wednesday, as Massey said road crews are now working to get remaining projects completed before colder weather moves in. Projects in District 2 should be completed within the next week, and crews will then move to District 3 to complete patching projects and assist with putting up some guardrails.

“We're just working around weather days,” he said.

Commissioners' reports

• District 1: Commissioner Daryl Sammet said a resurfacing project on East Limestone Road was wrapped up in four days, and he thanked his fellow commissioners for their assistance in completing it. He said his crew had also been cleaning underneath bridges, which should improve drainage;

• District 2: Commissioner Steve Turner said he was pleased with work performed by the engineering crew in his district. “I wish I had more money to do more of it,” he said;

• District 3: Black reminded residents to be vigilant on Halloween and watch for children approaching strangers' homes. “You hear horror stories about kids getting run over or picked up with all the (human) trafficking,” he said. “It's easy to turn a child loose, and the next thing you know, the child doesn't come back to the car”;

• District 4: Commissioner Ben Harrison said he had reopened Sugar Creek Estates, but the project is not yet completed. The final surface is not down, and he said there's a “soft spot” that needs repair. He said Quinn Road would be temporarily closed soon while a repair is made to replace a box culvert with a 72-inch arch pipe.

The commission will meet at 10 a.m. Monday at the Clinton Street Courthouse Annex.

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