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A motion for a resolution to ban certain trucks from traveling Bradford Road and a portion of Newby Road died for lack of a second during Monday's meeting of the Limestone County Commission.

District 2 Commissioner Danny Barksdale had requested the resolution, which would have prohibited heavy trucks on Bradford Road and the portion of Newby Road between Gray Road and U.S. 72. The resolution also called for signs reading "No Thru Trucks" and "Local Deliveries Only" on the roads.

Barksdale read a statement during the work session before the meeting, acknowledging the role that such trucks play in the economy and transportation system but saying they "should be managed in a way that limits their negative effects on our roads and citizens."

"Across the United States, counties, cities and towns use designated truck routes and no-truck roads as a management tool to ... direct trucks to the most appropriate roads suitable for their weight," Barksdale said. "The citizens of Limestone County have somewhere around $500,000 invested in the 1 mile of West Newby (Road) to make it suitable for heavy trucks."

That project was approved in August 2019 by the Commission and involved a joint agreement with Rogers Group to repair and resurface Newby Road between Mooresville and Gray roads. The work involved widening the road and adding turn lanes into residential developments. The commission approved paying $469,078 for the project.

When Barksdale proposed making that portion of road the only route that heavy trucks like those leaving the Rogers Group quarry could use, his co-commissioners were mostly silent, save for District 1 Commissioner Daryl Sammet, who asked about bridges on the roads that would be affected by Barksdale's signs.

County engineer Marc Massey said he knew there were none on Newby and thought there might be a culvert on Bradford Road.

When the resolution came up again during the meeting, Barksdale moved for approval, but again, the rest of the commission was silent. As a result, the motion died for lack of a second, and it wasn't until time for commissioners' reports that any of them said why.

Why no support

Barksdale made it a point to ask during his report for more information about the process to put up "No Thru Truck" or "Local Deliveries Only" signs.

"How do we determine when you should do that?" he asked, adding he knows each district has roads that suffer damage from heavy trucks. "... Is that just off the top of our heads? How do we do that?"

District 3 Commissioner Jason Black said there are roads in his district that have weight limits, but his concern was that Barksdale's proposal could cause legal problems for the Commission in the future.

"What I didn't do was stop commerce," Black said of the decision to put limits on roads in his district. "If it's something that affects only a certain business or only a certain number of people, my concerns would be there would be a lawsuit somewhere down the road, because we're picking and choosing who can and can't (use the road)."

Black said that was why he couldn't support Barksdale's resolution; it seemed to point the finger at one business' trucks. He suggested Barksdale rework the resolution so it's written in a way that looks "like it's fair for everybody."

Barksdale contested the point, saying his resolution was not directed at any particular group but instead at any truck above a certain weight.

Other business

In other business, commissioners approved the following:

• Consultation services agreement between Martin & Cobey Construction Company and the Commission, in which Martin & Cobey would be "on call" if the Commission needed something looked at, such as a potential change to a county building;

• Agreement with Goodwyn Mills and Cawood to analyze existing and future requirements for adequately handling traffic at existing intersections and a portion of roadway in East Limestone. Massey said this would help the county put together a plan for handling growth and development, which could then help when applying for grants;

• Appoint Penny Baker to the Limestone County Department of Human Resources Board;

• Personnel actions and merit increases; and

• Six subdivisions — two lots on Bailey's Acre, west side of Jones Road between Nick Davis Road and Barksdale Road; two lots in Rowe Subdivision, west side of Mooresville Road in District 1; 170 lots for Charleston, Phase 2, on the south side of Capshaw Road across from Menefee Road; 56 lots for Mallard Landing Subdivision on the southeast corner of the Barksdale Road and East Limestone Road intersection; 161 lots for Nature's Trail, Phase 3, on the north side of Powell Road, east of Segers Road;

and 54 lots for Kennesaw Creek, Phase 1, on the south side of Nick Davis Road, west of Jones Road.

Visit for the full agenda, and visit to view a recorded livestream of the meeting or work session.

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