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Alabama motorists who need to register their motor vehicle, renew their vehicle registration or pay their vehicle property tax will have more time to get that done due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The state extended the deadline for registrants across the state who may be unable to register their vehicle, renew their registration or pay property taxes on their vehicle because there is a state of emergency resulting from the potential spread of the new coronavirus, or COVID-19, said Alabama Department of Revenue Commissioner Vernon Barnett.


Those who were due to register or renew their vehicle or pay property tax on their vehicle in March now have until April 15 to do so, Barnett said.

The extension covers those whose 20-day deadline to register a new or otherwise acquired vehicle falls between March 17 and April 15. The extension also applies to registrations and renewals for vehicles registered to the International Registration Plan, or IRP. Registrants will also be granted an extension to surrender their license plates in order to comply with the mandatory liability insurance law, he said.


Typically, those who are due to register their vehicle or renew their vehicle registration in March would have until March 31 to do so before penalties applied. However, because the deadline for registration and renewal has been moved to April 15, penalties for late registration or renewal won't be charged until April 16, Barnett said.

In addition, penalty charges associated with vehicle property tax payments won't be charged until April 16 because the property tax deadline has been extended to April 15, he said.

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